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"Dompet saya hilang ketika saya berangkat sekolah."

Translation:My wallet was lost when I went to school.

August 19, 2018



Just a question... isn't it berangkat ke sekolah? It seems to me with all the other sentences ther was always 'ke'(which i forgot.... )


Agreed! Without "ke" I would think this should be translated as "when I left school", not as "when I left for school"?!? Can someone please clarify?!


I think the same way.


I think I lost my wallet when i went to school is better however the language suggests the wallet was lost but not that the speaker was the one who lost it.


The translation here should include "My wallet went missing when I went to school." It is a passive construction and should not be translated as "I lost my wallet etc" - that would be "Saya menghilangkan dompet saya ketika saya berangkat sekolah" - even if in English an active construction would be more natural.


I think in an earlier lesson I got something wrong for putting "berangkat sekolah" instead of "berangkat ke sekolah" but here's it correct?


I wrote berangkat ke sekolah now and it was marked incorrect. Inconsistent


It should be "berangkat ke sekolah". Based on the answer given.


How about "My wallet disappeared when I went to school"? I know "disappear" is not in the dropdown menu, but it appears elsewhere as a translation for "hilang" - and I would say something like this. (In fact, I have said something like this, unfortunately!)


i agree with the comments here. there has been a curious tendency to phrase things more passively such as 'my wallet is lost' rather than 'i lost my wallet'. this clearly makes translating into natural english a little awkward at times.

i wonder if that reflects a preferential way of speaking in indonesian? or if it is simply the result of the limited grammar we have encountered at this stage in the course that forces this form of sentence structure?


This is not a correct English translation. I don't really know how to translate it though, what is the statement even saying?


I think a better translation would be “My wallet got lost when I went to school”. Although that’s not perfect and “I lost my wallet when I went to school” would fit better.


I would probably translate this as "My wallet went missing when I left for school". Although, I asked my husband (a native Indonesian) exactly what situation this sentence is describing and he said the wallet was lost while on the way to school, not while at school or not in the home when leaving


I would accept all of these translations because, after all, this isn't an English course, it's an Indonesian course.


Ke sekolah i learned earlier?


"Dompet saya hilang ketika saya berangkat sekolah." My wallet was lost while I left for school.

So it happened in the past. The "subject" was lost as he/she left for school. We use "was" in the English language.

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