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"Makanan kami dilihat oleh koki tampan!"

Translation:Our food is seen by a handsome chef!

August 19, 2018



This sentence is broken because "seen" wasn't available to use. I could only write "Our food is see by a handsome chef!"


It worked fine for me. I think they fixed it?


Nonsensical sentence. "Prepared", perhaps, but not "seen".


Why isn't it possible to write "...by the handsome chef"? When do I know when a word is the or a?


same as in english you would use "by the handsome chef" only if you were speaking about some specific chef Indonesian has the identic principle. In that case you woul use "oleh koki yang tampa" (there are several chefs and you want to point out on the handsome one...for example you spoke about him already before and now you mention him again)

In this case it was just any handsome chef, you have never heard about him before you just saw he was handsome.


Chefs are also called cooks.


Why is my answer "Our food is seen by a handsome cook" wrong?


With 'a' i think should be seseorang koki tampan


What is the difference between 'indah', 'cantik', and 'tampan'? They all are translated as beautiful. Are they replaceble by eachother?


Indah and cantik mean "beautiful," but are generally used for female subjects. Tampan means "handsome" and is generally used for male subjects.

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