"Kami membaca di sekolah."

Translation:We read at school.

August 19, 2018

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It is also common in English (not sure about American English) to say "We read in school" but this was marked as wrong, even though "di" = "at/in/on". In Indonesian can somebody only be "at school" rather than "in school"?


I agree with SWybrow. We read in school seems perfectly natural.


Also agree - 'In' school should be accepted.

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Other than being more formal, what is the difference between 'baca' and 'membaca'?


'baca' means read. 'membaca' means reading.


it is not about formal/informal. it is about the proper grammatical structure. "baca" is the basic form of the verb. in english, it is called the infinitive, which means "to read". when you want to make a simple sentence where the subject is to read something (verb type 1/present and type 2/past), then you should add prefix me- before the verb. if prefix me- is contracted with a verb beginning with letter "b", it becomes mem-.

baca=to read membaca=read, reads, reading

"saya baca buku" is actually grammatically incorrect, but can be used in daily conversation with no problem at all. in a languange test however, "saya membaca buku" is a better sentence structure.

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