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  5. "Selamat datang, silakan."

"Selamat datang, silakan."

Translation:Welcome, please.

August 19, 2018



Welcome, come in please. = Welcome, please come in?


I had the same problem


Why isn't "masuk" (to enter) required in this sentence?


the "come in" part is actually just implied by the circumstance. It directly translates to "Safe arrival, please." Just as Selamat Pagi is literally "Safe Morning" as in 'I wish you a safe ...' But as English speakers do not use this form of greeting, we understand it as 'Welcome,' 'Good Morning,' etc.


Just a question: I was under the impression Selamat means "safe", from the arabic. (along with Congratulations, etc) I've never heard it being used for "Welcome". So, it seems odd to me I need to include Welcome in this sentence.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?


Datang means "come, arrive", selamat datang literally means good come, as same as the logic of the english word welcome (good come).


Thanks for pointing out this similarity, it's helpful to think of it like that!


Selamat is very common in Indonesian greetings and such. So equating "selamat datang" to "welcome" is perfectly normal. I'm surprised you've never heard it used that way before.


I think I was confused yesterday. I thought it was saying Selamat was Welcome. I see it’s saying it’s being used as “come in please”.

I am aware selamat datang is welcome


No problem. Just wanted to help with any confusion you may have had.


"Welcome please" isn't anything. That's nonsense in English. Change it to a better idiomatic translation.

[deactivated user]

    "selamat datang" vs "sama-sama"??


    "Selamat datang" means welcome, or something like, "I am pleased that you are here". For example, "Welcome to our town". "Sama-sama" is the equivalent of what American English speakers mean when they say, "You're welcome!" after somebody has thanked them. In other words, "No need to thank me".


    Welcome, please? When do you talk like that?

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