Translation:Greetings to you, too.

August 19, 2018

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To clarify, "Assalamualaikum" and "Waalaikumsalam" are mostly used as greetings between Muslims or if you meet a Muslim friend. Personally, I wouldn't use this if I know someone's religion is different. It's good they have this in the lesson though!


That is a good explanation, however because it is a specific Muslim greeting, and it is not appropriate nor common for non muslims. it is confusing to have it in this course, this course should be teaching basic common indonesian language not religous greetings. It is out of context.


Agreed, terms that are specific to a sub-population or religious group should not be in the course. If this is included, it should be in a later lesson focusing on religion or cultural variations and terms, not presented as basic vocab.


Particularly considering using it out of context might be insulting or confusing for people who aren't Muslim (like a very large population in Bali, their main European tourist destination).


Bob, I am not Muslim but I often give this greeting to those I can identify as Muslims. Without fail, I get a huge smile and a response of Aleikumsalaam in return! I will continue to say it!


Well, good for you then. But let's not generalize, shall we? When you greet Muslims that way, and they know you are not Muslim, they may also feel offended by that, because it's like pretending that you are who you really aren't in order to buy their acceptance. Anyway, since this is a religious thing, and highly cultural, I'm also with people who say that this shouldn't be in the basic course.


I am muslim, and I agree, you guys came here to learn indonesian not Arabic, because it is an arabic sentence, and even the translate of it is wrong. but what Cloudsdale4ever said is not true, we don't feel like anyone pretending any thing if he said that, it is just meaning peace to you even non muslims arabics use it. sorry to talk out of context


It literally means 'peace be with you'. Why shouldnt it be appropriate for non muslims?


right, one of them is that I am a Christian then will I say "Assalamualaikum" when I meet my friend whose religion is the same as Christian?


So, this is a specific word to use between people of a same religion (Muslim)? If it is, they shouldn't have put this here since could possibly be disrespectiful.


No it isn't. It is an arabic word and in the arab world people of all religions use this to greet each other. It means 'Peace be upon you' and all religions teach peace, so its just an arabic version incorporated in indonesian.


I'm learning Indonesian but this app teaches me Arabic


Maaf kak kepencet nggak jadi


Apa benar kakak siapa


I'm Indonesian, and i don't like this phrase.


no offence but if you are indonesion then why are you doing a indonesion cource just saying


Studying your own language might have its own benefits too: you can learn things about your language that you didn't know before and get a better understanding of how it works. People learn languages like parrots: they repeat sounds that they heard in a certain context and learned that this sound is associated with a certain thing. But they rarely go deeper into understanding what they're actually saying and what these words actually mean and how did they arise.


Not only that, but learning one's own language through a second language is a great way to reinforce that second language. After fully finishing the Spanish tree I started the English for Spanish speakers course and it helped a lot.


This is an Arabic, religion-specific greeting and should not be used by non-Muslims.


No, its not about religion (muslim or Islam), but /assalamualaikum-waalaikumsalam/ this is Arabic language, just language for comunication tools.


This is not bahasa but religious Islamic phrases, should not be in here.


This is Arabic language, brother. Not about Islam/Muslim/Religious.

Duolingo was wrong input the phrases in category Bahasa Indonesia--because assalamualaikum and waalaikumsalam adalah bahasa Arabic, bukan Bahasa Indonesia.


You guys are all acting as if no one who takes this course is muslim, because in that case it is useful to know. Language learning is not just lexis, but also ICC (Intercultural communication), you can only learn that to a limited extent in this course.


Hey guys, saya muslim dan native speaker bahasa Indonesia. Saat pertama kali bertemu native tidak mengucapkan "Waalaikumsalam" tapi "Assalamualaikum" yang artinya "peace be upon you". Awalan huruf "Wa--" artinya "you too". Jika Anda non muslim dan tidak tahu harus menjawab apa, Anda cukup balas dengan tersenyum saja kepada kita :)

Selamat belajar.


Ya saya tahu. Terima kasih.

As explained by sulZrh9U, non Muslims should not use these phrases. In my experience it's slightly awkward if you do. You need to know what they mean though, because they are common phrases in many parts of Indonesia.


Everyone can say "wa alaikum salam" in response to "assalamu alaikum", but in Indonesia, the greetings are only common among muslims.

I think it is not awkward if you make this response, if someone says "Assalamu alaikum" to you, generally that will be a muslim. He or she will usually appreciate that response.

I think it would be best, if duolingo teaches the common language, that is generally applicable. There are very many Arabic words that are totally common, like masjid, doa, hukum, ajaib, salam, dunia, etc. etc.

Teaching people expressions they are not expected to use is not a good idea.


Saran yang bagus terima kasih bayak :-))


It is Arabic meaning "Peace be with you" the answer means "and peace be with you too"


I know a lot of Arabic words are creeping into the Indonesian language, but should they be included in this course. Or maybe, as someone suggested, in a separate chapter?


It's a muslim greeting, and its used too much here in Indonesia because its a Muslim country (88% muslims) , that's the point.


Peace be with you, not greetings, to you too


This word is pretty misleading. Many Indonesians aren't Muslim, you definitely would not use this to greet non-Muslims.


It might literally mean and peace be upon you, but greetings to you too is a poor translation—no one would say that in English. It should accept hello as a translation, since that's what this essentially translates to in terms of usage (hello, as a response).


Agree with other comments. Please flag this as Arabic, not bahasa Indonesia, and as a response offered from one Muslim in response to their greeting. If I said this to my Balinese family, who are Hindu, they would be offended and it is just not a term used outside the context of two Muslims greeting each other.


I'm pretty sure the people complaining here that it's religion specific wouldn't have any issue with including phrases like "merry Christmas" in the course


Agree this is not the correct meaning....


please remove these arabic words! It's not the way most Indonesians greet each other and is therefore misleading


It doesnt meen greetings, if you come and meet fellow muslims you say Assalamu alaikum which means peace be unto you. You answer Walaikum salam which means Peace unto you too.


Wow, so much drama in this thread. I certainly don't mind learning this, but from what I gather the usage is nothing like “Greetings” in English, right? Can we get some of the usual ways this particular greeting is rendered in English as acceptable answers? Assalamualaikum accepts “peace be upon you”, but here for waalaikumsalam I tried “and upon you be peace” and “and peace be upon you too” and neither was accepted.


Just saying this is mostly used as greetings between Muslims. Normally you would just say something else if someone's religion is different.


if someone's religion is different.

..or if you don't know about the person at all, much less their religion.


That is more arabic than bahasa indonesia despite indonesia being a muslim country


How are you meant to remember how to spell this?


I think that if they translate "assalamualaikum" as "peace be upon you" then "waalaikumsalam" should be "and upon you peace" instead of "greetings to you too"


Does anyone ever say "Greetings" in English?


We do in written communication? It's not incorrect to have one of the correct answers be 'Greetings'.


Yes! I have often heard it!


"Greetings to you, also" was marked as wrong


Seriously, why you have to use assalamualaikum and waalaikumsalam as our "greetings"? Yes it is common. But for daily, you do not use that.


This is not bahasa Indonesia .. This is a specific muslim greeting


That's only for muslims no???


I have been greeting my Muslim friends with this for some time. After reading some comments from non Muslims saying we shouldn't do it, I put it to those friends. They have all expressed delight as they saw it as a recognition and compliment to their religion and culture and asked me to continue! We are wishing peace for them, how can this be wrong? My greetings have always been welcomed with smiles and the response "Aleicum Salaam!" I will continue to do it!


I live in Bali. These traditional Muslim greetings are not common.


Im not muslim sorry '@'


Maaf tapi ini bukan bahasa Indonesia


This is not indonesian even i cant spell it right


Halo semuanya,saya orang asli Indonesia. Sepertinya kata "assalamualaikum" bukan bahasa indonesia melainkan bahasa Arab.Sepertinya ini harus di perbaiki ya, karna di sini kita sama2 belajar bahasa indonesia dan bukan bahasa Arab. Terima kasih semua..


Waalaikumsalam in Arabic means “and peace be upon you” . However, you keep correcting me when I write “ and greetings to you too”please check!


This is not Indonesian. Its spoken by Indonesian Muslims yes, but not all Indonesians nor is it use in standard Indonesian


I do not know why is the anger of this phrase because it's an Arabic word in an Indonesian course?! There are lots of Arabic words I learn it here, you all just do not know them lol! Like Koran means a newspaper, it is from قرآن which means in Arabic Quran the holy book of our religion. Surat means a letter, it is from سورة which means a verse in the holy Quran. Kuat means strong, it is from قوة which means the same meaning in Arabic. Indonesia impressed by Islam and Arabic language; it is normal to find lots of Arabic words in itd language like Persian language as well. :D


Bahasa is bahasa and arabic is arabic. This is duolingo, not culture-trade app


You do know that Bahasa just means language? You have to add the actual language. Bahasa Inggris is English, Bahasa Indonesia is Indonesian, Bahasa Melayu is Malay language, Bahasa Cina is Chinese language.

However, you are right. Few people in North Sulawesi would say that. It's uncommon between Balinese people. It's religion specific, but common in major population centres.


Bahasa in English means the Indonesian Language since it means language in Indonesian :D


You mean "Indonesian". Or "Malay", since linguistically speaking, they're considered to be the same language. We are speaking in English, so use the English term. Besides, nobody says "language" to refer to English while speaking in English. Or "lengua" to refer to Spanish while speaking in Spanish.


Did not accept "Greetings to you also". I would have thought that this would have been correct.


The greetings are Peace be upon you Essalaam mu aleikum, then the return greeting is Wa aleikum mu salaam, "and upon you be peace".


Copied answer from google and waalaikummusalam is wrong. Haha


Aneh rasanya kalau ditranslatekan seperti ini :(


these words be so long


"Wa'alaykumus salam" thats how we Muslims usually spell that, hence theirs a pecular letter in there that Arabs use. You'll pronounce it wrong if you miss-spell it. And that is a kind of greetings we do, but it doesnt litteraly means "Greetings to you too". Instead it means beautifuler than that, it means "Peace be with you too".⚘

So Assalaamu 'alaykum.⚘⚘⚘


"Greetings to you also" is wrong apparently


Bahasa arab kui rak bahasa Indonesia


Waalaikumsalam is arabic


Bukan bahasa Indonesia


Everyone is fighting about that but im just pissed off at the spelling "waalaikumussalam" should be accepted


So some people say why waalaikumsalam and Assalamu'alaikum in this it is because Indonesian is have 97% muslim people that why this using waalaikumsalam and assalamu'alaikum and waalaikumsalam and assalamu'alaikum is Not INDONESIAN it is ARABIC this is explanation from me because i am a Indonesian


It's not Indonesian LANGUAGE (which is not the same as "not Indonesian"). The language is clearly Arabic. If we came here to learn Arabic, we would use the Arabic course instead, not Indonesian course. There are also other reasons, like pushing religious expressions (even some obscure ones) in a beginner's lesson which cannot be skipped.


I think assalamualaikum is include in KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia). But, Alaikum salam (often writted as Waalaikumsalam) is more "baku"/proper when we want to use good Bahasa. So, maybe duolingo can refer to KBBI, maybe?

[deactivated user]

    The word is meant to greetings for you too?




    I get very irritated because tge app ONLY allows specific responses.


    wa'alaikummusalaam that is the most correct


    This is not indonesian even i cant spell it right lol


    I think this assalamu'alaikum and wa'alaikumsalam really abusing human right on religion aspect. Like, not everyone that walk on earth is muslim. In fact islam is not a majority religion in the world. And not everyone learn arab. Say if you know nothing of any east asian word and somehow it just pop up here in bahasa indonesia learning questions. How would you know how to read it? How would you translate 腹下手 when you know nothing of japanese word.


    Greetings to you also. Why this is wrong. I dont understand.


    To be marked wrong for a correct answer with a minor spelling error on a word like this is VERY disheartening.


    I think duolingo have to change this


    I learn Indonesian. But DUOLINGO taught me arabic


    This phrase is not at all commonly used by Scottish people living in Ecuador, or, Peru, for that matter.


    Then don't worry about it. Move along!


    This is not Indonesian language
    Duo , why do you allow this to happen ?


    Islam donkkk gila parahh I am from Indonesian


    Suaranya bilang 'Waalaikumussalam' dan perintah nya suruh tulis dalam B Indonesia, terus saya tulis dalam B Indonesia tapi kok tetap salah kenapa ya? Malah yang benar dalam B Inggris


    yapa sih dasar gika!


    Why is wishing peace on somebody wrong?


    Why do you assume that she's talking about wishing someone peace being wrong, and not the more obvious thing that the translation or usage is wrong? :q (I've seen your other comments, I think you might be pushing something here.)


    Formal please! I'm not Muslim so i don't understand


    why system shows '' greetings to you, too ? '' Its a just greetings


    ... what is up with the comma???


    Don't mix religion specific terms in language learning programs. This might create religious controversy. Stupid Duolingo.


    It already did, but they don't seem to care, because they think that's woke.


    I am indonesia and i like speak engglish


    ❤❤❤❤ this lesson


    It's not Waalaikumsalam but Waalaikumussalam


    Harus kah non menjawab itu?


    I don't understand


    Please jawab waalaikumsalam nya apa bahasa Inggris nya


    Not "waalaikumsalam", it's wrong sentence. Right one is "wa'alaikumussalam"..


    Yang bener tuh "wa'alaikumussalam", bukannya "wa'alaikumsalam", lebih baik pake bahasa Indonesia yang baku saja..


    I think it's exactly: Assalamu'alaikum: Peace be upon you Wa'alaikumussalaam: And peace be upon you


    I am muslim, i from russian not indonesian ^^


    None of my Muslim friends use this in my hearing. Please keep Duolingo to core vocab not fringe words


    Strange! All my Muslim friends do, and are delighted when I greet them the same way!

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    Oh c'mon, not all the time when people met in Indonesia say this kind of greetings, its uncomfortable to learn, mostly say hello etc


    Why is it uncomfortable to wish someone peace? Just tell them to f**** off, if that's what you want!


    Wow, so these are the only two options for you? Well then, you seem to be a nice person and fun to be around… :q


    Can we please get rid of the Arabic in these lessons. It is not Indonesian and is more a symptom of the increasing influence of Islam on the broader Indonesian society than a reflection of good Indonesian language.


    Waalaikusalam. Is there anywhere near here I can find a beer?


    This is Arabic not Indonesian


    Don't mix religion specific terms in language learning program. This might lead to religious controversies. Stupid Duolingo.


    Don't mix religion specific terms in language learning program. This might lead to religious controversies. Stupid Duolingo.


    Don't mix religion specific terms in language learning program. This might lead to religious controversies. Stupid Duolingo.


    those complaining about arabic loan words "not being common" are ignorant white people who are only interested in bali. indonesia has the highest muslim population in the world, it's vital to the language


    A lot of those "ignorant white people" you are referencing put "I am Indonesian" before thei 'ignorance'. So I don't understand your point.


    You are an actual biggot, just take one look at the profiles commenting and youd find less then half are "white people".

    It takes you 2 seconds to blame another race for something they didn't do.

    Step 1. Pull ya head in Step 2. Shut up and learn


    "bigot" has only one "g". Learn to spell!

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