"They can not read."

Translation:Mereka tidak bisa membaca.

August 19, 2018

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Formal : Mereka tidak bisa membaca

Informal : "Mereka gak bisa baca" or "Mereka nggak bisa baca."

Informal can you use if you speak with your friends or Indonesian people like me hehe.

Selamat belajar, teman :)


I think ‘cannot’ would be the more usual spelling in English


is can not = cannot = can't = tidak bisa / tidak dapat ?


I would say that is correct.


Can not = tidak bisa


"Cannot" or "can not" in indonesian language is tidak bisa/ tidak dapat


From oxford dictionaries :

Both "cannot" and "can not" are acceptable spellings, but the first is much more usual.

You would use can not when the ‘not’ forms part of another construction such as ‘not only’. For example:

"These green industries can not only create more jobs, but also promote sustainable development of the land."

--- end Thought it is better to use "cannot", in bubble puzzles exercises, "can not" is more suitable, i think.


Mereka tidak boleh membaca is correct. I call a BS on this


can i say mereka nggak boleh baca

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How would I say "They do not read"


''Mereka tidak membaca'', i guess


¿Cómo se pronuncian: ng, ny, c, e?


Ng sounds the same like ng in english, e.g : bring, english (inggris) Ng is like in english, e.g : bring, english, gang. (Gelang, sayang, jarang)

Ny is like ñ in spanish, e.g : españa. But unlike ñ of spanish, ny isn't in the alphabet list (Spanyol, menyanyi, tanya)

C is like c in 'cherry' and the first c in 'chocolate'. It's always pronounced like that. It never be pronounced like c in 'cómo' and c in 'copy' or c in 'cena' and c in 'bracelet' (Cepat, cantik, corak)

We pronounce 'e' in two ways: 1. It can be pronounced like the same e spanish speakers pronounce, e.g : e in 'begging', 'essay' (Mental/ means mental in english, memang, 2. It can be pronounced like e in mercy (Mental/ means bounce off in english, mengapa, megah, menang)

I hope it's helpful and easy to understand! And please CMIIW!


cannot not can not


The literal translation would not imply "bisa" .

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