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Spring-cleaning gives unexpected zombie-trees

I learn several trees in parallel, e.g.

  • Russian -> German
  • English -> German
  • German -> English
  • French -> English

I wanted to deleted some of these trees and see what happens. I deleted French->English and Russian->German. (Some fun trees I did not proceed in a while.) I expected, that the sibling-tree either stay untouched, or get fully deleted as well. Yet the outcome is something unexpected: it turns the sibling into a zombie-tree.

My German->English course has level 1, (zero exp, )but stays golden, with more than 1000 words I have learned. Duo is asking me, if I want to start with a placement test, although it's an almost finished tree.

zombie-tree zombie 2

This means I cannot just do a "shortcut" and gain my exp back. This was the original plan (to get back my level 12 in 10 min.) All checkpoints are greyed out.

I cannot duel, because I'm too low levelled.

I'm not quite sure how to fix this. However, it should be made more clear, what the deletion of a tree means to its siblings. It is now too easy to delete a course on iOS. Also: a tree should always have a min. number of EXP points (a golden tree with 0 EXP is somehow odd). It seems you never have stored an EXP value for an individual tree. So either leave the EXP of the siblings untouched (this opens some doors for cheaters), or calculate a minimum by adding 10 EXP for each passed lesson. Reopen the checkpoints for the siblings in all cases. It is also strange, that duels depend on the level. They should depend on how many words needs a strengthening.

For now German and English are now zombies :/ So please give me a golden tree and a trophy in the recent English->Zombie course. Thanks

May 3, 2014


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