"Kami besar dan kaya."

Translation:We are big and rich.

August 19, 2018

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    Weird flex but... ok...


    Why big and not great? Specially in context with rich big doesn't sound right. It sounds a bit like saying "We are obese and rich".


    You can say that again


    Obese and rich aren't completely unrelated


    Its like saying this: We are rich in fat


    ...and this is "Save a horse, ride a cowboy."


    My friends laugh everytime i use this. So I suspect this phrase is probably never used. So why put this in. Strange


    Duolingo quite often teaches me useless sentences - in the Italian course I learnt "The elephants are yours" (Gli elefanti sono i tuoi). I'm never going to use that in real life!


    Based on my duo experience, I can only assume that owning several elephants, and being friends with an elephant are both very common for swedish men


    when I am learning English from Indonesian course, Duo taught 'I am a bird' sentece, tho.


    I'm told by a native Indonesian speaker that this is an odd sentence and not natural or likely to ever be used like that


    Wondering what the "big" try to imply?


    from this sentece alone, looks like about body size. But actually it depends on the context


    That was a pretty confusing sentence to me as I have problems figuring where and when this could be said in English... I mean, I get sentences like "We are big in Japan", but that's still confusing.


    Big and Rich are a country band. I dont know their music, but maybe this is one of the joke sentences Duolingo sometimes has.


    You might not use this exact sentence, but it reinforces the learner's vocab and grammar.


    Could we also have: We are large and rich


    This fixation on the word 'rich' so early in learning a language is bs. How about teaching useful vocab to start?


    I am typing exactly correct but always wrong


    Stupid sentence.


    yea i really wish they'd give us more useful sentences, and didn't focus so much on such formal words and weird phrases. when we introduce ourselves, the first thing we say isn't "I am big and rich" and probably would never say it


    It takes a rare talent to learn all the Duo sentences by heart; you are going to do it, I don’t doubt for a second. But no matter how many useful or useless sentences you will learn, you still have to create sentences of your own. If we say it’s important that all example sentences can be used—well, feel free to use this one as a template for anything! Just swap every single word when needed. Kucing abu-abu dan kuning. Mereka kuat tapi pintar.


    I am pretty big ;)


    "Kaya" must mean rich right?


    Why is we're big and rich wrong?


    Hey come on good people, why complain about weird sentences? It’s a common misconception that we learn foreign languages best by practicing “Where is the train station?” and nothing else. Meanwhile, everybody is articulating unique sentences all the time, we say things nobody has ever said before and nobody will ever say again. It’s the magic of human language. We all just know how to put together custom sentences, not least in our mother tongues. For getting ahead with a foreign language, we have to get there! Best of all, it won’t keep us from actually finding that railway station.

    That being said, this sentence is not even unique! Google it—don’t forget the quotation marks—and you will find occurrences, guaranteed. During my very hasty research I already read it in Indonesian or Malay, in English, in Spanish, in Finnish (“Olemme isoja ja rikkaita”)...


    It reminds me of that fat guy from garfield that is aparentley rich


    San and dan are the same? I found this out by my typing mistake


    Not this time…


    Bule besar dan kaya.

    Fixed it…. =D


    Why not small and poor?


    this is crap. nonsene. You watch Indonesian "sinetron"???


    Really? Why would anyone open-minded enough to learn a new language feel the need to say this, lol especially using the 'we' pronoun?


    Well, you are right, but you might hear someone else saying it. A language is not just something that comes out of your mouth! Also, you might say it ironically – or use it as a line in your novel or in your stand up rant. It's not my business what you use Indonesian for. Moreover, you will use that vocabulary in other contexts. Or the other way round, you will certainly use that sentence structure just swapping every single word. An example: Mereka jarang tapi lucu. They are few but funny.


    I don't think Duo is trying to teach the sentences, but the words

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