"Saya tidak bahagia."

Translation:I am not happy.

August 19, 2018

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I thought happy was senang


Senang & bahagia are the same, actually we use 'senang' more than 'bahagia'.


Is this coming from Arabic? In Arabic 'bahga' is 'happiness'.


Me neither buddy, me neither


does selamat and bahagia mean the same?


Selamat does means happy but only use for wishing such as happy birthday or happy holidays


In these "type" what you hear" questions, if we answer with the correct English, it doesn't necessarily mean we are wrong, simply that we misunderstood or did not see the instructions clearly. The instuction field is out of view sometimes on a phone. This is punishing us for not paying attention well enough, and, in my opinion, really has nothing to do with language learning, and therefore a waste of time. This situation could, in my humble opinion, be better handled by a reminder to "write what you hear, not a translation" .


Is this the same as “I am unhappy” or is there a word in Indonesian for “unhappy”?


Is this the same as “I am unhappy” or is there a word in Indonesian for “unhappy”?

For me, as a non-native English speaker, these two things "not happy" & "unhappy" mean the same.
The prefix "un" is used to negate the word "happy".
That's how I see it.

As far as I know, Bahasa Indonesia does not have a prefix that is used to negate a word.
In this sentence, the word "tidak" is used to negate the word "happy".

Another word for "unhappy" could be "sad".
You could say it like this :
"Saya tidak bahagia, saya sedih"
"saya sedih' = I am sad.
"saya merasa sedih" = I feel sad.


Ah, saya mengerti sekali. Deprasi tidak baik

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