"Berapa jarak Jakarta-Bali?"

Translation:What is the distance between Jakarta and Bali?

August 19, 2018

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The English answer suggests that there is a place called "Jakarta-Bali". The correct translation should be either "What is the Jakarta-Bali distance" or rather "What is the distance between Jakarta and Bali"


Out of curiosity, do you think this would still be the case if it was spaced out, like "Jakarta - Bali"?


If Jakarta - Bali was spaced out, it would still be said as 'Jakarta and Bali' or "Jakarta to Bali" in real life. The point made by OP still stands.


Perhaps "What is the distance from Jakarta to Bali?"


Can't I say "How much is the distance from Jakarta to Bali?"


It's a strange way of putting it. You would be understood but it sounds like child-speak.

"What is the distance from Jakarta to Bali?" or "How far is it from Jakarta to Bali?" sound much better.


Ah ok alright, I see. ^^


You could potentially say "How many kilometres is there between Jakarta and Bali", if you want the question to involve a quantity. Otherwise what Stephen has said above sounds more correct.


How far is it from Jakarta to Bali as mentioned by Stephen is correct as far as I know. that is what I put first.

Then I tried "How far is Jakarta-Bali" Not accepted. Then I tried "How far is the distance Jakarta-Bali" Not accepted. So must be "How far is the distance of Jakarta-Bali". That is not english where I come from. Indo English is not a language. Some people say we are not translating phrases but words. Sounds like the kind of rubbish you get from "Academics" who dont want to admit they are wrong to me.


Berapa jarak antara jakarta dan bali.

Ini lebih benar.

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Betul! The answer provided is like a shortened one.


Is this a standard way of writing this concept in Indonesian?

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