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"Adalah tidak mungkin untuk mengukur besar cinta saya."

Translation:It is impossible to measure the size of my love.

August 19, 2018



Lionel Richie, Endless love.
It's funny how a certain sentence can bring back memories.
Sorry for the off topic.


Didn't know Adalah could be used like this. Cool


It can't actually. When it is used, adalah only joins two nouns and is never used to join a noun with an adjective. It can't be used to start a sentence. While it does mean "is", it only means that in the equative sense. As in "this object is the same as this object"


There was another sentence where adalah was used to link something other than two noun-phrases. Rick explained if your sentence is long and complicated, it can be used that way to show, I guess, what the two main parts of the sentence were.


That's correct, 'adalah' is used to separate two phrases.
The point is, in this sentence 'adalah' is not separating anything.
I cannot find the other sentence, but you can have a look here, a small topic about 'adalah':

'adalah' is not separating two phrases here, but it's the sentence opener, and that's very unusual.
It may sound poetic in this sentence, but I doubt if it's grammatically correct.
On the other hand, I don't mind if somebody says something like this to me.

Another point is, I cannot change the ID sentence, I can only change the EN translation.
So, for now we'll have to do it with this ID sentence.

If you want to say this to your Indo partner, I think it's better to leave out 'adalah'.
You can of course make small adjustments to the sentence to ensure an optimal impact.
Something like this perhaps:
'Sayangku, [short silence] tidak mungkin mengukur besarnya cintaku.'
The reaction could be:
- a blank expression
- a smile
- 'Have you been drinking again?'

I just checked/doublechecked with my grammar book.
This type of sentence is shown in a paragraph (TBBI Bab 9.6.4.) called 'kalimat inversi'.
The word order in such a sentence is (P-S) instead of the usual (S-P).
It's used as a sentence opener in a story to introduce the topic.

These are the example sentences given in that book:
(243a) Adalah sebuah kisah tentang seorang raja yang sangat termasyhur pada masa itu.
('It's a story about a king who was very famous at that time')

(244a) Adalah seorang raja yang termasyhur pada masa itu.
('There was this most famous king at that time').

So, 'adalah' can be used like that, to introduce the topic.


I've never heard anyone use 'adalah' for thia type of aentence - usually hen used at the beginning of a sentence, its ia followed by nouns. Here, the Indonesian should just start with 'Tidak mungkin.'

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