"Adalah tidak mungkin untuk mengukur besar cinta saya."

Translation:It is impossible to measure the size of my love.

August 19, 2018

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Lionel Richie, Endless love.
It's funny how a certain sentence can bring back memories.
Sorry for the off topic.


Didn't know Adalah could be used like this. Cool


It can't actually. When it is used, adalah only joins two nouns and is never used to join a noun with an adjective. It can't be used to start a sentence. While it does mean "is", it only means that in the equative sense. As in "this object is the same as this object"


I've never heard anyone use 'adalah' for thia type of aentence - usually hen used at the beginning of a sentence, its ia followed by nouns. Here, the Indonesian should just start with 'Tidak mungkin.'

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