"Selasa depan saya tidak di sini."

Translation:Next Tuesday I am not here.

August 19, 2018

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Is "I will not be here" also an accepted translation?


"Next Tuesday I will not be here" is accepted.


More to the point, "Next Tuesday I am not here" is a very common error by non-native English speakers. It should be removed from the program and replaced with this correction.


Although...in spoken English it's perfectly fine to say something like 'I'm not here next Tuesday'


True, but the idiomatic meaning of that is more restrictive. Native speakers would mostly say that when talking about somewhat formal scheduling in advance. I cannot think of any other situations where "I won't be here next Tuesday" wouldn't be preferable, more common, and more natural sounding.


You will not find "Next Tuesday I am not here" in a style guide but it is used informally by native English speakers.

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    Next Tuesday I won't be here


    I'm not here next Tuesday.


    I thought tidak was to negate verbs and adjectives. Someone could explain me why tidak is used in this case and not bukan?



    "Tidak" is generally negating actions and descriptions, and less often nouns. 'Here' is descriptive of place==>"di sini." 'Not here' is also descriptive of place==>"tidak di sini." "Bukan dari Bali" is a little harder, but it more or less means 'not [someone] from Bali,' the noun being implied. My Indonesian teacher keeps trying to get me closer to correct, but the rules are not crystal clear.


    I think it should be "Hari Selasa" rather than just "Selasa"


    Why is hari not required here? Or is it only for 'on x-day' sentences?


    I believe that there is no strict rule but that it follows "the idea of Tuesday" (add 'hari') versus Tuesday as part of a description.

    This is close to in English where we put the day of week in the plural: "Tuesdays you meet in Bali"==> Bapak bertamu pada hari Minggu di Bali. "Can you meet Tuesday, 10 a.m. Bali time?"==>Bapak bisa bertemu Selasa jam 10 waktu Bali?

    French speakers: this is like "le mardi," no?


    The correct answer should be "I will not be here on the next Wednesday"

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