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"A decade is longer than one windu."

Translation:Satu dekade lebih lama daripada satu windu.

August 19, 2018




the octo-ennia (8 year) cycles, or Windu (Javanese calendar)

From Wikipedia



Thank you, I was so confused.


and thanks from me too - I did not know what a "windu"was !


A windu is a approximate of 8 years.


Why adding the word "adalah" makes the sentence wrong? I understand we don't have to use it always, but using it is NOT wrong!!!!


Hi, from one learner to another (im not 100 sure of my answer here), i think "adalah" is similar to an equals sign, so it needs a noun both before and after (like, dia adalah seseorang yang baik - dia is the pronoun before the adalah, which gets associated with the seseorang, a pronoun after the adalah). In this case, "lebih lama" is not a noun but a comparative adjective phrase...so im guessing that youd have to put in another noun or pronoun there in order to use adalah - like, "...dekade adalah sebuah periode yang lebih lama dariada...". What do you think? Does that seem right to you?


This is a great explanation - thank you


Maybe ada? Adalah is only for defining things, in this case you are not defining but comparing/describing. Maybe ada does not work either? Not sure, but you can't always use adalah, that's for sure :)

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