Translation:The boys sleep.

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Finally! Now I can sleep. zzzzzz

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how would you say the kids sleep? is it "los ninos duermos" is duermos even a real word or did i just make up a new word? lol

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"Los niños duermen." 'Niños' can be translated as 'children (kids)' as well as 'boys'. 'Duermen' is the part of the verb 'dormir' used for 'they'. He/she sleeps = duerme; they sleep = duermen. You just add an 'n'.

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Neo00779, no. it means directly to the boys. With ninos, they mean boys on this it is not correct to say the kids sleep because... Well. It's what it means. Also, while niños means them all, it's not correct because it means in this case, one gender, kids or children do not show one gender as they need you to give them. they can mean boys, girls, or both. There is no certain gender in those two words and it means the boys sleep while that is perfectly ok for your own opinion, it is incorrect for what Duolingo wants you to answer. And Duo can get pretty tight when he wants one certain word that is not being given. I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck when you do this lesson again! :D

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I use way to much copy & paste! XD It's so helpful!

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You ain't a boy.

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I almost put the bits sleep

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The conjugation of dormir has two versions: indicative and subjunctive. When do I use which?

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Use the indicative until told to do otherwise. ;) The indicative is for things that 'really happen' and the subjunctive is, in general, for more complicated sentences that involve wishing, hoping, wondering, and the like, and imperatives.

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All verbs have lots of tenses grouped in Indicative, Subjunctive and Imperative.

A general rule (to have something in hand):

Imperative for commands (in affirmative) Subjunctive (negative commands, most subordinated sentences, expressing possibilities, expectations, ...) Indicative: just normal sentences...

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Duérmete, niño, duérmete ya. Que viene el coco y te comerá

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I wrote "The children sleep" and it said it was wrong, saying that "The boys sleep" is the correct answer. Then I click on here and the answer up the top under the question is "The children sleep". Not fair. Please fix this.

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DL is very inconsistent. Sometimes it'll accept they or the kids on some questions using los ninos and sometimes it wont for whatever reason

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The lazy ****s

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It is duerm(en) because it is talking about "they" correct? Who sleeps? They sleep, the children sleep.

Yo duermo, tú duermes, ella duerme.

Nosotros dormimos, ustedes duermen, ellos duermen.

1 year ago
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