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Is there still a team working on this course?

I continue to see sentence comments from months ago pointing out errors that have yet to be corrected. I understand that this course is still a work in progress and requires learners to report errors, but if the contributors aren't working to correct the mistakes, it doesn't seem fair to the users.

August 19, 2018



It really gets much worse as you progress through the course levels. Instead of focusing your attention on learning Chinese I find myself focusing most of my energy on decoding what particular phrase (often strange or plainly incorrect) in English the course authors might throw at me. Right now I'm struggling hard to guess if they will translate 这双鞋子 as "these shoes" or "this pair of shoes" because the alternative form is not accepted as correct. I don't think they are actually adding the alternative translations or correcting things any more. The course feels abandoned and left as is. A real shame!


It's messing with my English. LOL!


I think there are because a few days ago I got a "we now accept this translation" email on a perfectly good English translation possibility that I had reported.


Thanks for mentioning that. I guess it's good to know they're making some progress.


how do you go so often to duolingo you do not forget? como haces para entrar tan seguido a duolingo no se te olvida?


+1 to all of these comments. Duolingo, please give some love to the Chinese course! It's been in the works for so long, but it's useless unless someone is actively maintaining it. Find a way of letting the crowd help curate answers!


They are still active and working. I just got an approved change message today.

"Hi Ichthus731,

You suggested “They will have dinner Saturday at 8” as a translation for “他们星期六会八点吃晚饭。” We now accept this translation. :)

Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

  • Duolingo"

Thanks Duolingo Chinese team for a great free course to help me learn this wonderful language!


Today I received THREE MORE email notifications of changes they have made, so they are probably working with a limited team with limited available time. We have to remember that they are volunteers and not paid.


A course like Chinese receives hundreds of thousands of reports every year, but there are only a handful of people who can deal with them. You will need way more people to deal with all the reports, but then the team will be unmanagable. That's the reason why erasing these errors takes such a long time.


That may be true, but I'm sure most of the reports are for the same errors. Of course I appreciate the work the developers put into making this free course, although it feels like they were in such a hurry to release it that they overlooked some obvious alternate translations.


Also, what makes me question whether there are still people working on this course is the lack of involvement in the forums. I started using Duolingo the learn Norwegian, and the contributors for that course for outstanding, in part because they were always on the forums answering users' questions (and while the course was still in beta, checking in with the community and reporting progress). I wish the Chinese team could be a little more involved and responsive.


That's the thing, as as someone who's been around this whole time, I can tell you it wasn't always this way. The course had its concerns, but there was a period in particular (March) where the contributors were really active. They were on the forums for a bit - myself I told them the middle area of the course (like lessons 40-60) needed the most help. Those sections improved pretty drastically in a short period of time. I could go back to the same lesson after two weeks and notice the difference.

For reference, I've gotten 35 emails of "this translation is now accepted"... 21 of them were in March. I only have 3 since March.

Now, the sections towards the end are the ones that need the most help. I'm sure they naturally get the least attention because they're towards the end, but there's sections that have clearly never been looked over. You can see high profile errors that were posted about in the discussions last YEAR that are still unfixed.

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