"Andi kurang tidur karena dia mimpi buruk kemarin."

Translation:Andi has a lack of sleep because he had a nightmare yesterday.

August 19, 2018

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Should be “Andi did not get enough sleep because he had a nightmare yesterday”.


Hmm... IMHO, "kurang" means "less" and does not necessarily mean "not enough" or "lack" although it depends. Suppose that Andi is okay with five-hour sleep. He usually sleeps for seven hours, though. And he could sleep for six hours yesterday because of the nightmare. Still six-hour sleep is enough for Andi.

As we learned from the Numbers skill, "kurang" means "minus" (less). "Lebih atau kurang" as an idiom means "more or less". Therefore, "kurang" in this particular sentence merely suggests that yesterday he slept less than usual.


Meaning: Andi is lack of sleep because he got a nightmare yesterday.

Shouldn't it be : "Andi has a lack of sleep ..."


or "Andi did not get enough sleep"


"Andi lacked sleep because he had a bad dream yesterday." is marked wrong.


"Andi loses sleep because he had bad dreams yesterday." Isn't this actually more accurate, since kurang = subtract (a verb as Duo teaches it) and mimpi buruk = bad dreams, (word-for-word, which we know is sometimes important on this site).


Saya setuju (I agree). "Not enough" or "lack of" are not the connotations because those imply that there is a baseline and Andi didn't reach there yesterday. "Kurang" means just "less" and can still go above the baseline.

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