"Thanks, bye."

Translation:Terima kasih, selamat tinggal.

August 19, 2018

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I chose "Terima kasih, selamat jalan" and it said it was wrong, saying that the correct answer is "terima kasih, sampai jumpa lagi"

Why wasn't Selamat jalan correct (maybe it's duolingo's mistake?) and what's lagi?


I chose "Terima kasih, selamat jalan" and it said it was wrong, saying that the correct answer is "terima kasih, sampai jumpa lagi"

imho, it should be accepted as well.
Please report it, so that they can fix it.

"sampai jumpa lagi" = until we meet again / au revoir / auf wiedersehen

"lagi" in this context means "again".


I replied with "Terima kasi, selamat jalan" as well. "Selamat tinggal", "sampai jumpa" and "selamat jalan" don't seem to be accepted consistently for goodbye / bye. My wife (Indonesian) seems to back me up :)


Yes, they should add more acceptable answers.

I replied with "Terima kasi, selamat jalan"

BTW, it's 'terima kasih' , you missed the 'h' at the end.
That could be the reason that your answer was rejected.


Selamat jalan was accepted for me now


i think "makasih" (the casual version of terima kasih, and very common) should be accepted


Agreed! I just got marked incorrect because of "makasih"


"Thanks, bye." -> I got the following possible translations: 1 - Terima kasih, selamat malam. 2 - Terima kasih, ya. 3 - Terima kasih, sampai jumpa lagi.

Number 3 was the correct answer. But that means "Thanks, see you again!". So... Am I supposed to accept that "Bye" is the same as "See you again"? Does not work for me.


I also wrote "Terima kasih, selamat jalan," and was told it was not correct. Are some Indonesian expressions for "goodbye" more formal and others more casual? The sentence "Thanks, bye" sounds casual as does "Thanks, see you later." Whereas "Thank you. Goodbye" is a bit more formal. So I was wondering if Duolingo was assuming we would choose a more casual expression. Is there a difference?


What's the difference between selamat tinggal and selamat jalan?


Selamat tinggal is what you say when you leave someone who stays. Selamat salam, when YOU stay and the other one leaves ;)

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    'Makasih, sampai jumpa' was marked incorrect.


    When i put selamat tinggal for goodbye duolingo put me wrong and when i put selamat jalan still wrong ...... there is work to do here


    Makasih is incorrect.

    But the tip page says it's okay to use Makasih in informal situations? "Thanks, bye" sounds like an informal situation to me.

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