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"Di mana ipar kamu melahirkan anaknya?"

Translation:Where did your sister-in-law give birth to her child?

August 19, 2018



You should also be able to say: Where did your sister-in-law have her child? It's pretty common to use "have" instead of "give birth"


I think 'Where did your sister-in-law give birth' should also be accepted, other than a child what would she give birth to?


The Indonesian sentence does use the word anaknya though. I suppose stating that she gave birth to a child makes the child the "topic" of the sentence as a linguist would call it, i.e. it makes it clear that the whole conversation from which this sentence was taken was about the child or the sister-in-law, for example. "So then she spent a summer teaching in Korea and working on herself." "Oh, how interesting! And where did she give birth to her child?" rather than "And the doctor said she had to give birth right away!" "Oh, and where did she give birth?" In the second example, the conversation is about the birth itself, so we don't need to mention the child to shift the attention away from it anymore.


other than a child what would she give birth to?

melahirkan perasaan, pendapat, pikiran, dan sebagainya ...

See second definition in KBBI:


Like already mentioned by "tsuj1g1r1", the Indonesian sentence uses the word "anaknya".
"Dia melahirkan anaknya ..."

"melahirkan" is a transitive verb, it needs an object, and the object in this sentence is "anaknya".


Agree, " Where did your sister-in-law give birth" is sufficient.


is there any way to know the tense of the verb?


Why would anyone want to know this?


A very common and useful phrase in Indonesia. Thankyou Duo for helping me commit it to memory.

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