"Kami tidak punya sampo."

Translation:We do not have shampoo.

August 19, 2018



shampoo is uncountable so it sounds weird with an indefinite article

August 19, 2018


Yeah it should just be shampoo or any shampoo

August 21, 2018


Why can you not say I do not have a shampoo

February 18, 2019


Because "shampoo" is not a countable noun* in English. I think this is because it is a fluid, and fluids are never really distinct objects. You could say "a bottle of shampoo" however, because bottles ARE distinct objects.

  • as I say below, there is a context where "a shampoo" could be used. That's when we are not talking about the physical fluid called "shampoo", but about a specific brand of product labelled as shampoo.

"Do you have a shampoo that will make my hair less oily?" "Yes, try FreshHead's GreaseAway product"

February 18, 2019


Should be: We do not have shampoo.

August 23, 2018


My suggested "correct" answer was "We do not have shampoos" which is grammatical, but would refer to a variety of types of shampoo on offer. You're much more likely to hear the "We don't have (any) shampoo" as suggested below.

September 4, 2018
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