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Duolingo asks twice in a row the same "Strength" !

Hi, Does anyone have the same problem than me ? I mean, sometimes Duolingo asks me to do 8-9 "Strength" a day ! The worst is that it's the same lesson again and over again, I keep repeating the same strength for one week, every single day! I've never complained before I thought that maybe, Duolingo knows my weak words when I do new lessons and then, asks me to perfect my vocabulary. But today, I had about 12-13 Strength to do, and while I was doing it, Duolingo asks me to do same Strength I just did 5 minutes ago! I find it a bit too much, especially when I couldn't progress in German for more than 2 weeks because Duolingo keeps asking me to do a lot of Strength instead of new lessons. I know I can just skip Strength and do new lessons but after a week, almost all my tree is empty. So here we are, I am asking gently to the administrators to modify the system/program and go easy on the strength. It's not by repeating the same vocabulary every single day that someone is going to progress in German. Thank you. Best regards, Peter

May 3, 2014



If you think that your accont is encountering a glitch, you may wish to change the topic to Troubleshooting so that the tech folks see it. Good luck on your frustrating problem.


Yeah I know, I've just seen it and I changed straight to Troubleshooting. Thanks!


I do not think this is a fault, just a quirk in the way the algorithm weakens and strengthens your words. Each skill will contain a varying amount of vocabulary and they will weaken at different rates depending on whether you got them wrong or had to look up their meaning. When you strengthen them, it is likely that you will only strengthen a percentage of those that need strengthening. So if the skill goes gold, there may be some words still very close to the point which turns off the gold status.

The only sure way of strengthening all the vocab in the skill is to do all the lessons again. Otherwise you will need to strengthen the skill several times until all the words are up to strength.

NB This is my own interpretation of the process as I am not involved in DL other than as a student, but I was an IT consultant for many years and have a good understanding of how these things work.


I think the problem is also he fact that Duolingo asks to do Strength not only because I have weak words but also when they introduce new words. Maybe I was very unlucky yesterday and they put new words 5 minutes after I did the Strength.


And here we go again. Duolingo asks me to repeat a lesson I repeated yesterday! WHY ???


Maybe try the "Support" button (left side of the screen) or could you make a screenshot of what you see please? Thank you!


And now, Duolingo refused to fill out my Strenght three times after I finished doing it! What is happening ? Even if I really like Duolingo, I'm starting to be tired these repeated bugs that are never fixed and of the silence of Duolingo about it !

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