"Kemeja dan dasi ungu saya."

Translation:My purple shirt and tie.

August 19, 2018

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How can you tell that the "ungu" is referring to the shirt and tie, and not just the tie?


you can add more ungu to make it clear like -> kemeja ungu dan dasi ungu saya.. although kemeja dan dasi ungu saya should be accepted


the color ungu refers to both items because it doesnt mention otherwise. if the color of kemeja is not ungu, then you should say kemeja putih dan dasi ungu saya for example. if someone said kemeja, celana, topi, dan dasi ungu saya, it means all of those items are ungu.


Why can't u do my shirt and tie is purple


no, it would be "kemeja dan dasi saya ungu".


"Shirt and purple tie are mine". Is it wrong or should I report it?


Hai! In Indonesian, when you want to translate the "copula" + mine (or another pronoun), I think the Indonesian "milik" (or "punya", meaning "to belong") could be used.

For example:

Using the two items, 1 shirt, 1 purple tie (as in your example)

There are some possible translations here.

One shirt and one purple tie are mine. / Satu kemeja dan satu dasi ungu milik saya.

A shirt and a purple tie are mine. / Sebuah kemeja dan sebuah dasi ungu milik saya.

The (This) shirt and the (this) purple tie are mine. / Kemeja ini dan dasi ungu ini milik saya.

The (That) shirt and the (that) purple tie are mine. / Kemeja itu dan dasi ungu itu milik saya.

Also, "milik saya" can be replaced as "milikku". Perhaps, there are more examples to translate these sentences using "milik" and "punya".

It is known that in some Indonesian sentences, the copula can be dropped. And, I think this is one sentence ("Kemeja dan dasi ungu saya.") that is not using a drop in the copula, because there is no copula here. I think this construction is functioning as a noun phrase with the possessive (saya), and it cannot have a copular verb.

I would like to know if this can function differently when the language is colloquial.

Then, I think I would not report this translation.

Selamat belajar!


The correct translation is:"Shirt and my purple tie". I asked my wife as I was unsure about the order. The valid translation "My shirt and purple tie" is not correct.


The tie is purple, not the shirt

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