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  5. "Andi mengejar bola."

"Andi mengejar bola."

Translation:Andi chases the ball.

August 20, 2018



Why is it 'the' not 'a' ball? Can't both be correct?


Both are correct, and the sentence variation with "a ball" has been added. However, it can take awhile before they are accepted as correct.


Aku mencoba "the" di pertanyaan lain tapi mirip pertanyaan ini. Selamat: aku salah!


Bahasa Indonesia lebih fleksibel dalam masalah "the" atau "a/an". :(


I thought mengajar, means to teach, not chase? I've checked my dictionary and there is no alternative meaning that could be interpreted as 'chase'. (Echols and Shadily)


Mengajar and mengejar are two different words.

Mengajar (from ajar) = to teach.

Mengejar (from kejar) = to chase.


Wow... I put Andy (usa spelling) instead of Andi. The rest was correct. No "you have a spelling error", it was just marked incorrect.


This came up again except for I had to translate from English to Bahasa Indonesia. I spelled bola wrong (bolo). Duolingo let me go with a warning on that one. But not with Andi! Wkwk


absolutegraves, in Javanese, "bala" (spelled as "bolo") means "troops" - "forces" - "subordinates" (in terms of fighting). Indonesian borrows this word but with a different spelling, ie. "bala".


Wow, coincidentally bola is also ball in Tagalog, but the Indonesian word is from Portuguese while the Filipino word is from Spanish. Similarities are also seen between flag (malay bendera/tagalog bandila) and shirt (malay kemeja/ tagalog kamiseta)

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