"Siapa yang meninggal?"

Translation:Who died?

August 20, 2018



Is yang necessary here?

August 20, 2018

[deactivated user]

    In Indo it would be more formal (and unnecessary) but would really translate to Who is that, that passed away. Its a bit long tho.

    February 5, 2019


    'Who has died' should also work here, given the use of yang.

    August 29, 2018


    How does "meninggal" derive from "tinggal"? Is it in the sense that a person who dies stays in one place? Also, according to Wiktionary, this is a polite word for death, so perhaps "passed away" would be a better translation?

    August 28, 2018


    There are some exceptions where "me-" changes the meaning; you just have to memorize them. Another example is bangun=to wake up and membangun= to build

    September 23, 2018


    shortened form of 'meninggal dunia', a euphemism for dead, literally 'left the world'

    March 6, 2019


    Is there a rule about when to use 'yang'?

    February 20, 2019
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