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When do languages become available on the mobile App?

I want to upgrade to premium, but there's not really much point until I can use the mobile app. Indonesian for English speakers is currently in Beta, so does that mean it won't be available in the app until it graduates from Beta?

Any info would be great.

August 20, 2018



It depends on the reports. I was a contributor for other courses until November 2017 and till then, it was regulated as follows: 100 users use the course. If less than 7 out of those users filed in reports (meaning that something in the course sentence is wrong), then the course will also be released on the app. When less than 3 out of those 100 users file in reports and that persists for more a month meaning that this line of 3 out of 100 won't be crossed again, the course will graduate from beta.

Conclusion: It depends on how well the course creators designed the course before entering the beta stage, how many mistakes the users report now and how fast the course contributors will erase them. There were courses who were in the beta stage for more than a year and others graduated from beta within a month.

[deactivated user]

    You could do the reverse tree (English for Indonesian speakers) on the mobile app in the mean time.


    I just came to the iOS app with the most recent update today (though the notes don't mention it, only bug fixes).

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