"Saya pergi ke sekolah di hari Senin."

Translation:I go to school on Mondays.

August 20, 2018

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Is "I go to school on Monday" also correct, or does that use a different preposition like "pada"?


My inclination is that "on Monday" would use pada and "Mondays" would use di, but I can't confirm for certain.


In this sentence, di and pada have same meaning. You can use both, all correct. But pada is more formal


Could this be translated as "I go to school on Mondays"?


Hi,I'm Indonesian. - Saya pergi ke sekolah (di) hari minggu - Saya pergi ke sekolah (pada) hari minggu Both are correct. But as a native, we use "pada" more often than "di" for a sentence like that. Pada = On E.g Pada hari minggu (On Sunday) Di = At [more used for the preposition of a place] E.g Di rumah (At home), Di sekolah (At school) dll

Bonus dll (dan lain-lain) = etc

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