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  5. "Good afternoon."

"Good afternoon."

Translation:Selamat siang.

August 20, 2018



Elsewhere in this module, you translated "Selamat soré" as "Good afternoon !" Is there an idiomatic distinction here, or are they interchangeable ?

[deactivated user]

    From https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Indonesian/Lessons/Time

    • Pagi (morning) Sun is already risen, but before 10am.

    • Siang (noon) Around noon. Usually 10am-2pm.

    • Sore (afternoon) Sun is still up, but after 2pm.

    • Malam (night) Sun must have set.


    as a native learning english, the translation should be morning = pagi afternoon = siang evening = sore/malam night = malam/the time before you sleep/when you're about to sleep


    Siang is for around midday, not the afternoon!


    Translation shoud be selamat sore


    Really this means good day. You say selamat sore for afternoon. You do NOT say selamat hari ini... So good day is selamat siang, pretty much.

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