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"Wann sind zusätzliche Untersuchungen notwendig?"

Translation:When are additional tests necessary?

March 29, 2013



My goodness, I will never learn how to spell all the words in this sentence! lol


Does anyone know word break-downs that would make "zusatzlich", "Untersuchungen" and "notwendig" easier to remember?

  • Notwendig - Not (distress) + wend[en] (turn around) + ig (turn into adjective). It's not really obvious, but if something is used to turn around the distress, it means it's necessary for life.
  • zusätzlich - zusetz[en] (to add) + lich (turn into adjective). zusetzen itself could by analyzed as zu (to) + setzen (to set), so adding is just setting something nearby ("to") something else
  • Untersuchungen - Unter (under) + such[en] (to search) + ung (turn into noun, like "-ing") + en (plural form). So Untersuchungen = *undersearchings. Not particulary nice, but compare with "understand". If you stand under, then you understand, so if you search under, then you examine.


Quite a tongue twister :P


What is the difference between notwendig and noetig? Or are they synonyms?


They are becoming more synonymous in everyday use and here "nötig" would be fine too. However there are definitely cases where they aren't interchangeable. For example, if we had a sentence about someone being in need of something (or needing), the German translation would be "nötig haben" and never "notwendig haben". Think of the difference in English. "When are more tests needed" is pretty similar to "When are more tests necessary", but you'd still say "I am in need of food" and not "I necessitate food".


Excellent answer, thanks very much!!


I was about to ask the same thing as SelphieB did. Thanks for the explanation!


Why, if we have SIND is not zusatzlichEN..but zusatzlichE? Maybe it is a stupid question but I am confused


There is no article. Then the adjective gets strong inflection: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_adjectives#Strong_inflection in this case it is for the nominative (subject) plural.


Coronavirus phrase :))


The translation in english is kind of hard but why to add "necessary" and "additional" in one sentence? I believe to make two separate sentences. I am just giving my opinion.


What about "inspections"?

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@bokaj99: I don't think inspections could apply to this section, which is 'Medical' (humans, living organisms, etc.)


zusätzliche can be translated in English as "more" in this context in my opinion, but I get the idea as something added with "zu".


I had this in Adjective 2 section: Both "examinations" and "tests" were accepted. Would "investigations" work as well?


Yes, investigations was accepted for me


look at all those letters. woahh.

I know, i'll probably get voted down. but thats my comment. :)


A tongue twister, but this sentence seems very useful! I hope I get the hang of adjectives.


Why not "extra" instead of additional? Extra is a direct translation of zusatzlich???


What's the difference in usage between zusätzlich and (ein) weiter?

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