"Bayam dan kangkung ini enak."

Translation:This spinach and water spinach are delicious.

August 20, 2018

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There are two separate vegetables being referred to so the English must be "This spinach and water spinach ARE delicious." Just insert other nouns and it'll be clear, e.g., "This apple and cake is delicious" is plainly wrong. What's frustrating is you have to write the incorrect English to get through the lesson.

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    Not a native speaker, but apple and cake are countable, while spinach is not. Would you also say "this rice and cheese are delicious"?


    I agree with you 1wd10. Spinach is not countable. Would you say 'these tea and sugar are delicious'?


    Spinach is not countable -- I think it should just be "this spinach," for whatever amount of spinach that is.


    The subject is plural (two separate nouns) so the verb should be ARE not IS


    Kangkung is also a viable English word for Ipomoea aquatica. Native English speakers in Singapore call it that, who are probably the largest population of native English speakers who use it regularly.


    Yes, spinach (and water spinach) are mass nouns, like 'cheese', or 'rice'. Has to be 'This', not 'These'.


    I know plant as morning glory in English, but I havent checked if they will accept that translation.


    "This ... are" is completely wrong in English. It's either "This ... is" or "These ... are".


    Yo water spinach?????? Morning Glory IT IS LAH


    Br tau kangkung trnyata water spinach :))) km.n sj saya


    kangkung = kale according to Google translator

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