"Mereka bukan pimpinan yang baik."

Translation:They are not good leaders.

August 20, 2018

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A better English translation would be “they are not good leaders.”


In a previous lesson I learned that "pemimpin" means leader, too. So what's the difference? When do I use pemimpin and when pimpinan?


i think pemimpin means the person who lead, pimpinan have closer meaning to leadership


the correct word for "leader" is "pemimpin". the root word is "pimpin" which means "to lead". with prefix pe- it becomes "pemimpin" which means someone who leads or who is in charge of a leadership. "pimpinan" on the other hand has an entirely different meaning. however, this is a common mistake, many indonesian natives dont know about this, sadly, including the course team themselves. if you ever got confused about any word, please consult with our KBBI and PUEBI. never ask a random indonesian you met on the street. they dont care about how to properly 'berbahasa', and mostly are misleading if they tried to answer. i hate my own people for their ignorance of our national language, other than that, i love them as much as i love pizza.


"they are not good leaders" jawaban yang benar


the english answer should be plural. "They are not good leaders."


Why "bukan" and not "tidak" ?


The plural of leader was not an option

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