"No, goodbye."

Translation:Tidak, selamat jalan.

August 20, 2018

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Selamat jalan - (have a) safe journey. It is used to wish someone a safe and comfortable journey. Mood: neutral.

Sampai jumpa - Until (we) meet. It is used when you say goodbye to someone but you have intentions to meet again in the future. Mood: happy/positive

Selamat tinggal - Goodbye. Literal translation: safe to leave. It's used when you say goodbye to someone and you think you won't see them again in the future. Mood: sad


Literally, "Selamat tinggal" means "Peaceful/safe STAY". It is said by the one who departs to the one who stays, to wish him a happy stay.

"Selamat jalan", on the other hand, literally means "Peaceful/safe WALK/JOURNEY"), so it is said by the one who stays to the parting person, to wish him happy journey.

If you translate them to English, you will get "Goodbye!" for both, and all that subtle meaning will be lost, causing more confusion than it should.


Sebenarnya kami di Indonesia jarang mengatakan "Selamat jalan" kepada orang (masih hidup) yang akan pergi/bepergian. Dalam bahasa sehari-hari kami menggunakan "Hati-hati dijalan" atau "Hati-hati di perjalanan", sementara "Selamat jalan" lebih sering digunakan untuk salam perpisahan bagi orang yang sudah meninggal.


'tinggal' could also means 'to leave' as in this sentece. "Dia meninggalkan tempat ini" = "He leaves this place"


I always understood "selamat tinggal" to mean "may your staying be blessed" said to someone staying as you are leaving, and "selamat jalan" is "may your journey be blessed", said to the person leaving. So both are goodbye and do not hold positive or negative moods as suggested above.

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    Again, although the hints say that jumpa can be used, it is not allowed.


    "Jumpa" means to meet or to see. "Sampai Jumpa" would literally means until meet, but more appropriately translates to see you again or until we meet again, it doesn't directly translates to goodbye


    doesn't Jalan mean Street by itself? this makes it quite strange for me because i think it could mean Happy Street


    Yep, Jalan means street. But it also means to walk. Selamat jalan would literally means happy walking or have a good walk. It's essentially wishing the person who is walking away a good fortune


    terima kasih for clearing that up, Saefulakba.


    Yes, the base word means "road", but it can also be taken metaphorically as "journey" or "walk". Many languages use this metaphor trick. For example, in Spanish, "el camino" = "road" (noun), but "caminar" is "to walk" (verb), because you walk along a road. In Polish, "droga" is "road", but "po·dróż" is "journey" (literally it means "going along a road"; "o" becomes "ó", and "g" becomes "ż", and "po·" is "on", "upon").


    Yes, jalan means street, but when combined with selamat it means goodbye (from a party)


    It should be sampai jumpa


    Selamat tingall should be accepted by the pass duolingo translate goodbye by selamat tingall ....


    It is spelled tinggal



    if it's translated by it's self Selamat = congrats Jalan = street

    you will get "congrats street" only dumb people who will make it, they selamat Jalan is Congrats street, what a failure but tbh it's fun to learn Bahasa Indonesia, you'll get some weird words when you try to translate it english by words, not sentence XD


    why bukan is wrong ?

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