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Suggestion: add gender to word definitions.

Not sure if this is the right place, but …

In the German course, the word definitions (discoverable by hovering over a dot-underlined word) include the gender of that word.

Given that gender in Czech largely has to be memorised too, I think it would be useful to have it displayed along with the word definition.

August 20, 2018



german is one of the languages that are treated differently from czech in terms of the tools available. we do not have a direct way of displaying grammar-related information the way you suggest. we are also instructed to refrain from manually adding supplemental info to hover hints. so this leaves us with no good options to help the users struggling with noun genders.

of course, if you make it farther in, this challenge will pale in comparison with things like the word order.


Thanks! As I've mentioned elsewhere perhaps the development team would take an improvement request to add this feature to the Czech course too (and possibly others)?

Funnily enough, word order is one aspect I'm quite skilled at. I just suck at everything else. ☹


Let me answer here. There is no doubt in my mind that having a way of directly marking the noun gender would be helpful for the users. The doubt, if I am to be generous in my description, comes in assessing the chances that an improvement request like this from our team will fall on anything but deaf ears.

I have been around too long to expect anything other than complete silence or "too major an effort to work with our current priorities" as a response.


I understand what you say and share your frustration. Never mind, we'll live without. ☺

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