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  5. "jechlIj legh puq."

"jechlIj legh puq."

Translation:The child sees your disguise.

August 20, 2018



How would one describe the concept of seeing through a disguise?


Maybe something like puq tojbe' jechlIj Your disguise does not deceive the child.


If this doesn't mean "the child sees through your disguise", what does it mean? "The child sees you wearing your disguise"? "The child sees the costume/equipment you use to disguise yourself"?


Something like that.


It might be used if you've just taken off your disguise, and the child walks into the room and sees it on the table. It also might be used if you are disguising yourself to fool a child, and the child looks at you and sees the disguise, not you. It doesn't have a connotation of penetrating or discerning beyond the surface.

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