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Overall Leaderboard

Lets start of with saying Duolingo is awesome. The concept is great, and i have great faith in the added value by the company, both as an educator and as a translation company.

Although the gamification is done amazingly, i do miss something like an overall leaderboard. Only a few of my facebook friends have a duolingo account, and none of them are currently active. So I'm looking for some competition!

Does anybody have any thoughts on how this could be accomplished?

March 29, 2013



There could be a variety of leaderboards. Like one of top points overall, and another for the most points gained in the previous 4 weeks or something. I may never top to overall leaderboard, but I have a chance of getting on a monthly leaderboard.


Great addition! It would also be a good overview of the people who are active, especially if there were separate boards for all the languages.


What are you learning? You can eg. beat me at Spanish, but judging from your name you already know it pretty well, so I guess you're learning something else. If that matters for the competition at all — I haven't tried it yet.


Haha, my native language is Dutch, so I don't spreak alot of Spanish yet. So that is exactly what I'm learning. I've added you indeed. Would like a global leaderboard though!


The top person in my friend leaderboard has about 250 times the amount of points that you currently have. I don't have the illusion that I will ever pass that person, but I might get there if I climb step by step. I think that it is better to have smaller targets and to compete with users who are on a similar level. It can become frustrating if you spend all your time on one goal without ever achieving anything.


I think you really have a point there, it would just be great to have a easy way to connect with other users whom are actually active. To share thoughs on eachothers progress and the abbility to practise your new language in a conversation with an another Duolingo student.


I'm not always competitive and my reason for following someone is usually whether that person has something interesting to say during discussions. Even if you are not interested in discussions, it is still a good place to find out who is currently active on the website.


I thought the PT was for Portugal. ;)


You know that would be nice because then you could see how good you were to others.

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