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"I have salt and you have pepper."

Translation:Saya punya garam dan kamu punya merica.

August 20, 2018



"Anda" should also be accepted as a translation of "you". Also, why is the formal "I" used along with the informal "you"?

Edit: And it also marks it wrong if I use the informal "I" ("aku") with the informal you "kamu" but it won't let me report that.


I used "lada" instead of "merica".

Not only "lada" is correct but it's also far more common in every day usage.


Are lada and merica interchangeable or are they used differently?


Yes, you can use these words interchangeably!


What in the f*** is "lada"?! Well, I get that it must be pepper, but it's just thrown in out of no where for me during a review session.

And are they talking about black pepper? Or some other pepper / spicy condiment? (again, I assume black pepper but...)


I think it was added in only recently, the course is still being updated


How can i know lada=pepper if it doesnt teach me that


I used 'aku' and it was marked wrong.


We need an expert to explain the question posted by many here. Are lada and merica the same? Or how are they different? Thanks.


They are not different at all, you can use them interchangeably. Consulted with a native speaker.


i wrote “aku” for i and “kalian” for you but my answer was marked wrong

is there any diff between “kamu” and “kalian”, “aku” and “saya”?


Kalian is the plural version of "you" equivalent to "you all" when you are speaking to multiple people.

In this example you should use kamu or anda because those are singular.

As for the difference between aku and saya. Saya is formal, aku is informal.


do lada & merica have same meaning?


Yes, They are totally the same thing.


I writed "Anda" and it was wrong. Why?


It's not wrong, just some errors as it's only the beta version. Report anything you think is incorrect and it will be reviewed.


The English sentence needs to have a comma after "salt." Does Indonesian also use a comma before a conjunction?


I'm sorry but you're wrong. The comma after "salt" is needed only when "and" doesn't occur.


Instead of saya punya can you write punyaku? Registers as wrong, likewise with kamu punka and punyamu


Lada??? Don't use words that havent (yet?) been taught in this or any previous lesson!


So now you've learnt this means the same as "merica" ;)


Dya think maybe the number of people who actually bothered to comment, complaining that they've not been taught the word in the question... might actually be onto something ?

You lose hearts for questions you get wrong. People are being penalised for a question they could not possibly answer without just guessing because the word has not previously been taught in this software.

That's not fair.

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