"I go home."

Translation:Saya pulang.

August 20, 2018



I find that I'm learning by the process of elimination and therefore wondering if I'm really learning.


I find that I'm learning by the process of elimination and therefore wondering if I'm really learning.

I think you are really learning.
It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes :

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?



There are two levels of developing vocabulary: recognition and recall. You have to go through recognition first (what you do when you see the answer in a list) in order to eventually reach recall (when you can think of it without seeing the list). It's just a step in the process.


what is it exectly meaning pulang why dont we said saya pulang rumah


It means you went home so you don't need to add rumah. But you can say "ke" (to) somewhere to be clearer like "dia pulang ke Jakarta" She went home to Jakarta


Would it be more natural to say "Saya pergi ke rumah" or "Saya pulang"?


What about Saya pergi ke rumah Or saya pergi ke rumahku?


If I've understood well, this is a little bit like in French. In French you usually say "je rentre" (literally "I go inside again" or, a little bit less literally, "I go back") to mean "I go back home", you don't need to say explicitly "home", it's implied. I think that the idea in Indonesian is more or less the same: if you don't say where are you going back to, it is implied that it's to your home.


True, but from what I've heard it is much more common to say "Saya pergi ke rumah"


Wouldn't this also mean "I am home" like in the house rather than going home (traveling to the house)


Kembali (VERB) = to return Pulang (VERB) = to return home So no, this means going home only. For I am home, you would probably say Saya (ber)ada di rumah(ku)

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