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"reH muDoy'moH nIm ghun wejwa'."

Translation:The taste of warm milk always makes me tired.

August 20, 2018



DuDoy'moH 'e' Dajal neH. QongmoHbe' nIm ghun 'e' tob QeD.


I don't think parents mind whether it's chemical or all in your mind as long as the child falls asleep :)


mu'tlheghvam jatlh puq 'e' vIjalbe'. 'ach puqloDwI' QongmoH nIm ghun net jalchugh, tlhutlh ghaH 'e' vIraDbej.


Sorry to interrupt your joke, but what does jal mean? I couldn't find it anywhere.


jal imagine, envision (v)


Note that when used in the form net jalchugh one imagines that, it forms a Klingon version of an irrealis: a sentence or clause which states something that is only hypothetical. puqloDwI' QongmoH nIm ghun net jalchugh if warm milk were to put my son to sleep (literally, if one imagines that warm milk causes my son to sleep). The main clause may then be interpreted as subjunctive or conditional: tlhutlh ghaH 'e' vIraDbej I would certainly compel him to drink. The would of the translation comes from the fact that what follows the net jalchugh is only hypothetical or unreal.


puqloDwI' QongmoH nIm ghun net jalchugh, tlhutlh ghaH 'e' vIraDbej.
If warm milk made my son sleep, I would certainly make him drink it.

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