"Bantuan mereka sangat membantu."

Translation:Their help is very helpful.

August 20, 2018

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Sangat means very, or really. So perhaps a better translation would be, "Their help is very helpful"


Thanks, its fixed now.


Hi! Why "their assistance has been very helpful" is considered wrong?


What an odd sentence! I can't imagine anyone using 'help' and 'helpful' in that way in English. 'They are very helpful' or 'Their help was very useful' are better constructions. What is it trying to show students of Indonesian?


It is an odd sentence, but it has helped me understand the difference between help (bantuan) and helpful (membantu). I get to see both in one sentence and compare them.


The correct translation should include the word "Very".


My goodness the challenges of translating Indonesian into English are fascinating... different thought forms... cool stuff!


A grammatical quandary: the last word, "membantu," is a transitive verb, right? The English translation places an adjective ("helpful") in this final-word slot. Can the Indonesian sentence grammatically deploy an adjectival form here as well or is the active verb really the preferred route? If the latter, then am I correct in believing that a precise (though odd) English translation would be, "Their help really helps"?


Basically it is a rather stupid sentence.

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