August 20, 2018

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This is not really bahasa Indonesia, but Arabic that is commonly used amongst Muslims, right? :).


Yes, right. It literally means "Peace be upon you" and it's fundamentally Islamic. Indonesia is majority Muslim so it's a standard greeting, but non-Muslims don't really use it amongst themselves I hear.


Non muslim never say it in Indonesia. They only say Selamat pagi, selamat malam, selamat siang. Or if they want to excuse to get in a house, they'll say "Permisi"


yeeessss i agree with youu,that´s should be like ´´excuse me´´ or greeting how´s the time.


So according to this app, it is used to give greetings to that person to whom we are talking so what do non-muslims say to greet someone?


you can simply say halo, hai, selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam. Or, when you're visiting someone's house, you can knock the door and say "permisi"


Yes, you are absolutely right. I am a native Indonesian, btw.


In a formal ceremony which includes many people from different religion, this will be mentioned as greetings


While my Arab friends are happy that I (a non-muslim) greet them with this, and affirm that non-muslims in arab countries can freely use this greeting, Malaysian Muslims get absolutely enraged (to the point of making police reports and death threats) if this greeting is used by a non-muslim. Sigh.


What? Is that true?


Muslim not Indonesian. My non Muslim Indonesian friends never say this


Yes. Most Indonesian people are Moslem, so they use it. Non-Moslem people never use it among them, but they understand that expression.


My second comment isn't saved here whereas I have pressed "post".

@Duolingo: check your database system!!! (This should be the third one).


It may be used by Moslems but given this is an Indonesian course and most Indonesians are Moslem, someone might say it to you some time. Courtesy suggests you know the word and can return the greeting. It is not religious indoctrination, nor is it contagous.


I would kindly invite everyone to calm down with this anti-religious fervor. :) This is just a greeting, and it means "peace be upon you". I understant that the anti-religious propaganda in the Western world has made people extremely knee-jerkish, but please, this is just language learning. If you have a problem with "assalamualaikum", you should also have a problem with the word "goodbye", as it comes from "God be with you". Shall we banish "goodbye" from English Duolingo? :D Peace be upon you, and God be with you.


well this is actually arabic though and only muslim Indonesians use it while the word ''goodbye'' is used by everyone.


Connotations and implict meanings matter; don't be a troll. "Goodbye" does not actively, in the minds of modern speakers, contain religious implications, where as this phrase very much does, and signals belonging to a religious tradition.

You're etymological argument isn't the clever "gotcha!" you think it is


Im not even muslim nor Indonesian myself but why would you be bothered to learn BI when you are obviously islamophobic? Learning a language is not just about memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules, it also means embracing the culture. What even is the point of learning BI when you obviously can not give up your typical western attitude?


This is NOT about religion....its about the fact that this work is almost never used in day to day conversations when one or people are not Moslem. I lived in Jakarta for over 3 years and never heard this used outside of formal meetings or amongst my Indonesian family when they didn't realise I was there.

This should not be included in this beginners course.


It is included and it should be included in this very chapter, ”Greetings.”


I have an Indonesian friend and she gave me this list of greetings:

-Selamat pagi / siang / malam

-Halo / Hi

-Lagi apa = What are you doing (slang)

-Lagi ngapain = What are you doing (slang)

-Kamu sedang apa = What are you doing (formal)

-Apa kabar = How are you

SO to her


Quite a mouthful :)


You're sure right about that one


assalamualaikum = salam sejahtera , assalamualikum is not bahasa Indonesia but Arabic


And what is the origin of "salam"?


Peace be 'upon' you should be accepted. peace be 'on' you sounds strange.


This is arabic, not even in our Indonesian language class at school


Why do they reject "welcome"? It is pretty much the same thing.


As a Bule who's been spending about 2 months a year in Jakarta for business over 4 years, I've never heard the word used towards me, if at all. It's used mainly muslim to muslim as far as I can tell so It pretty much has no value for me....and it's really difficult to spell!


Why do you assume all duolingo users are non muslims? If, say, a turkish muslim person is planning on visiting Indonesia then it would be useful for him to know some basic muslim greetings right?


This should be flagged as an arabic phrase common in Indonesia but not Bali. While I don't mind learning it, and in fact already know it, having Muslim friends, it is literally a greeting of peace among believers (of the Islamic faith) not an Indonesian greeting.


this is a commonly used Arabic word in Indonesia it is just worth knowing if you come across it


When to use?


It's like a normal "greetings". But mostly used by the muslims living there, and you don't have to say it if you're not one :)


But if someone says it do you reply waalaikumsalam? (if that's how you spell it), even if you aren't Muslim?


It is spell Wa'alaikumussalam (for your information).

No, if you aren't a muslim you don't have to. You just can be silent and just accepted it (no need to answer it), that's how it usually happens in Indonesia.


Never, unless you want to "wow" the local muslims. I mean you can use it anywhere in the world and muslims will understand the meaning of it.


Does anybody have any tips on remebering the spelling for this word?


assalamualaikum bukan bahasa Indonesia itu bahasa Arab


This is Arabic not Bahasa Indonesia


This is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ to spell the word


Accepting "greetings" but not "hello" is excessively specific, regardless of the ethno-religious context. Most people who have even a passing familiarity with Arabic even in the west understand this is a simple greeting synonymous with "hi, hello, etc" In the modern period in English, nobody says "greetings" unless it's in a very formal context such as a lecture or some other public speaking event


Waalaikum salam ganteng, I am From Indonesia, I am Islam. *Maaf kurang faham Bahasa Inggris


Waalaikum salam






I said "greetings" and got incorrect, supposed to be " greetings to you too." Which I don't remember ever seeing before. Anyway next time I put " greetings to you too" and got incorrect, supposed to be "greetings". Cant win!


Greetings is not the only translation, so other answers related to "peace" and "another person" should be accepted


Sorry this is not Formal, You should use formal words. This is for Muslim


I get the spelling wrong all the time!


Ini bukan bahasa Indonesia


Ini bukan bahasa Indonesia, siapa sih yang bikin. Ngawur sekali. Kemana-mana dan dimana-mana kok nyelipin agama. Capek dehhhh




This is a hard word to spell and remember and is hardly ever used in Indonesia conversations, i am no Muslim and would not use a Muslim/Arabic greeting


you should change this greetings to the new and the right greetings one,not all people that learning Indonesian is muslim.


Peace be upon you, and not every indonesians are muslim


This is a form of greeting used exclusively by Muslims. Other populations do not use them. It is not necessary to use it in these exercises. Muslims among themselves know how to deal with it. - registered April 30, 2021This is a form of greeting used exclusively by Muslims. Other populations do not use them. It is not necessary to use it in these exercises. Muslims among themselves know how to deal with it. - registered April 30, 2021


Don't be surprised, eventhough Indonesia is diverse, Muslims in Indonesia are the most numerous in the world No1. If you come to Indonesia, there are always many mosques, especially in Sumatra and Java.


Indonesia itu beragam


Lol this is Arabic not Indonesian


Is it similar to a more formal "Hello"?


I'm Indonesian, I've heard of it but don't know what it means. thanks Duolingo


Bisa bisanya Duolingo jadiin "Assalamualaikum" sebagai perkenalan, maaf saya ngakak :v padahal artinya adalah doa, bukan Greetings


How can Duolingo make "Assalamualaikum" as an introduction, sorry I laughed :v , even though it means prayer, not "Greetings"

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