"Já tu kočku nevidím."

Translation:I do not see the cat.

August 20, 2018

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I typed "I do not see the cat here." Am I off track, can someone give a few pointers?


Normally, tu will be understood as the accusative of "ta", not as the adverb of location "here". We would probably most often say "tady" instead of "tu" to avoid this ambiguity if we wanted to say "here" in this sentence.

If it was "Já tu žádnou kočku nevidím." than it is the opposite case and the "tu" clearly means "here", so the translation is "I do not see any cat here."

Now if we do translate the "tu" as here, it would be "a cat", not "the cat". Here it is "the cat" because it is "tu kočku". There is a slight possibility of interpretting it as "the cat". I think it is quite marginal, but I will add it.


Why dobble "I"? Shouldnt it be "Tu kočku nevidim."


Or do you mean why is there, when it is not needed? The fact that it is not required does not mean it cannot be included. It perhaps emphasizes that "I" am the one who does not see the cat, as opposed to someone else.


What dobble? Do you mean the long Í? It should be there in fourth class verbs, it belongs to their stem.

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