"Dia berbicara dengan Andi."

Translation:She speaks with Andi.

August 20, 2018

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Should it also accept she talks with Andi?


Yes, it should also accept "She is speaking with" and "She chats"


This has been reported one month ago and still hasn't been corrected!! How is that possible?


Halo teman! There are still many possibilities to translate this sentence to English. The contributors would not add just a few but dozens of variations for every exercise. Only the sentences using time markers or verb modifiers can be translated with a short number of variations. My guess is that the contributors will take one or two months to compare first the variations of sentences from the English-Indonesian course with this new course, or perhaps, I hope so, it will take less time to make the comparative process. Then, they can start adding the sentences suggested by the users, and being added first (of course) the suggestions that are coinciding with the comparative results between the trees. Even, if I am wrong or not about this, we cannot think that the Indonesian team are working in the same way as others did this from zero. They created the reverse course years ago. They have also taken a critical decision in order to change and edit some exercises, and to set how the algorithm could accept or reject the translations in the English course (for example, the Indonesian word "tersebut" was not included in the exercises with the English "the" / "that" / "those", and the word "mereka" was used in many cases with translations for "they" in human and nonhuman sentences, when I started the course by 2014), so the change in the tree could solve the problems with translations, eliminating some variations and adding others by the new reports from the users.

I think the contributors are always working so hard to fix all the problems, and they have a lot of experience doing this. So, please... we need to be patient at this moment. And please, do not blame the Indo team for all the English translations made by the algorithmic process. If they still have to work adding variations of translations over the hundreds and hundreds of sessions in the whole tree, we would expect that maybe, it will take more than a month to add sets of variations and user suggestions at the same time, and perhaps just to cover from 10 to 20 % (hopefully) of the whole process in the tree.

I understand that the comments related to the English sentences are always intended to improve the course, so they will always be welcomed by the growing amount of users. Terima kasih banyak atas bantuan semua teman Duolingo!

Selamat belajar! :)


Talks and speaks are the SAME


Just got rejected "I speak" for "Saya berbicara".... so which one is it???


I answered "She talks with Andi" and its accepted :)

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