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  5. "Die Studenten essen Reis."

"Die Studenten essen Reis."

Translation:The university students are eating rice.

May 3, 2014



Why is "The pupils eat rice" wrong?


'der Student' refers to university students, who you don't generally refer to as 'pupils'. 'Pupils' would be 'der Schüler'. I wouldn't call it wrong, but I can see why you wouldn't get marked as right for this, considering they're using both Student and Schüler


As an American university student, I had no idea that pupils doesn't usually apply to college kids. To me, they mean the exact same thing. The only difference is that a student would self-identify as a student, while a professor might refer to their students as students or pupils. Pupil is just an older, less commonly used word.


From my experience, i've had teachers in college who have said explicitly to us that we are not pupils anymore. I think it has to do with the fact that we are adults now and we're supposed to be responsible for ourselves. Apparently a pupil is someone learning in a more passive way than a student


what is the differnce between Schülerinnen and Studenten


der Schüler (m) , die Schülerin (f) is used to refer to someone attending elementary/junior/high school.

der Student (m), die Studentin (f) is used to refer to someone attending a university or other higher education institution.

die Schülerinnen is the plural form of die Schülerin; die Studenten is the plural form of der Student.

Note: (f) = female, (m) = male @Norrius: Thanks :) , I've corrected it now.


You've got it backwards. Student is someone attending university while Schüler goes to school.


Is Schuler like scholar? These sort of comparisons don't always work, but I figured it's worth asking.


I'm not sure I understand your question. As far as my understanding of English goes, scholar is a scientist, especially a specialist in humanities; the word itself indeed comes from school. Schüler (mind the dots) is either a school student (pupil) or a disciple.


Actually that's not entirely true. A scholar isn't always a scientist or specialist, although it also means that.

But it was a poorly framed question and it currently escapes me what I was trying to ask. Possibly if they share an origin.



Does "Studenten" also mean "college students"?


Can I write just 'students' instead of 'university students'? I was too scared to try it.


Why do i get docked for "the University students eat rice"

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