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Boa, Bons and Bom. When to use?

Hi, I wanna know when I use these. Cos I was doing Adjectives 1 exercise and I kept getting these wrong in sentences. I couldn't understand. Can I get examples to get the difference between these? Can these be interchanged??


August 20, 2018



Bom: masculine, singular Boa: feminine, singular Bons: masculine, plural Boas: feminine, plural


1 - You're a good girl - Você é uma boa menina 2 - You're a good boy - Você é um bom menino

bon?? is this right?


When we use the 'Bom'/'Boa', something is good:

"This place is good" - "Esse lugar é bom" | | "She is good" - "Ela é boa"

"Bon", is not right:

"They are good" - "Eles sãos bons" | | "They are good" - Elas são boas


A sentença correta seria "Este lugar é bom". Assista a este vídeo que uma integrante do Duolingo fez a respeito do That/This - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bXpglAL7Uo


That makes sense, Thank you!


Prepare yourself to the fact that in the magic world of the Portuguese language all objects have gender, and the adjectives have to follow that respective gender. So, for exemple a table is a girl, a bench is a guy, a tree is a girl etc. ;-D


Yeah, I was quite baffled when I was introduced to the "all objects have genders" part. Funnily though, my second language also assigns genders to inanimate objects and comparing it to Portuguese, I realised the objects are not assigned the same gender after all, hahah


bom for masculine singular. boa: feminine singular. bons: masculine plural. boas: feminine plural. hope this helps

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