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August 20, 2018


Ola! I just followed you :) I have some questions! What are some good ways to study Brazilian Portuguese more efficiently? So far, I listen to the lyrics (letra) of my favorite funk songs on Kondzilla. I have also been watching Pegadinhas on Youtube. I watch a funny show called Panico na Band on Youtube too. Lastly, I will watch movie trailers from Warner Bros Pictures Brasil and read the subtitles. Do you know of any funny Brazilian Youtube channels that I can watch that offer subtitles in Portuguese? If you have any questions about America feel free to ask me! Obrigado.

August 21, 2018

Hello John, yes, those channels are very good because use common words. But, de careful, in some programs like television news, the formal use is not good to learn.

I think the portuguese is more dificulty to learn than english, because this language have many grammar rules and is very malleable. So, I don't know which channels I can recommend because it depends on your interest.

Other idea: Don't think the Brazil is just a country of funk or music, the Brasil have a good culture ( but the peoples are not too educated ). Here, we have many musics and thinks to do, like differents foods, sports, musics with real quality ( for me ) and business. We have many problems, but we need open our eyes to see the entire image.

I have a question too: When We use the word "that" in english? , in common situations, I find it in the middle of the sentences.

August 21, 2018

Full_Rage, I'm not really that far in Portuguese, but regarding the word "that" in English, it has two meanings, it can either translate to "isso/esse/essa" in Portuguese or "que" in the sense that "I think that today is going to be good". But the latter example is not as common as saying "I think today is going to be good", which is also acceptable. What gets confusing is if you're looking at an object or referring to something previously said and refer to it as "that" you can say for example "I think that (that referring to the object) is cool" or "I think that (introducing new information) that (referring to the object) is cool". Just some quick corrections in what you wrote though to help you out with your English, they use, it would be more common to say "it isn't good to learn the formal usage", Portuguese is more difficult to learn, this language HAS, don't think of Brazil as a country of just funk, Brazil HAS a good culture, but the people are not, we have a lot of music and stuff to do, *when DO we use the word. I hope I helped.

August 21, 2018

Yeah, good idea, thank you to help me!

August 21, 2018

"That" is a very common word. It's often found in a lot of various types of sentences. For example, I found that interesting. Or, Do you think that is hard? That is usually referring to a specific thing already discussed or known to the person. Another example, (Imagine you see a car crash) you would say to the person next to you who also saw the crash. "Wasn't that scary?!?" I hope this helps! What Brazilian bands can you recommend me? I like to listen to pop-punk american bands like Blink-182. What are some good Brazilian musicians? I only know rappers! Obrigado.

August 21, 2018

A good Youtube channel with good humor and simple, very informal language and subtitles in Portuguese as English: Porta dos Fundos.

August 21, 2018

Thanks! A good music is samba, I recommend the "SambĂ´" band.

August 21, 2018

Oi. Tu do bem? Other than speaking with natives and watching movies, is there any other way to improve listening skills? I seriously have problems in listening. Thanks for your help.

August 21, 2018

Yeah, you can listen podcasts too and listen the original audio to compare with your speaking.

Other way is the mini-stories lessons.

August 21, 2018

Rather than moving onto movies straight away, start from basic things, one thing I'd recommend is that you use "Duolingo Stories" in Portuguese, they start off easy, and gradually get harder and faster, and it keeps you focused by asking you questions about things in your target language about the story so far. Here is the link, it should already be on the Portuguese stories but if not just change the language in the top right corner

August 21, 2018

Hi yes.. I just can see the difference between seu / sua and teu / tua... can you please explain it to me. I also don't understand why sometimes the possessive pronoun takes the article.

Thank you


August 21, 2018

It is possessive, and can change if it is for male or female

Seu / Teu = Some object, thing or animal of the feminine

Sua / Tua = something or animal of the feminine

August 21, 2018

TEU e SEU are masculine singular (yours your) teu is a bit more formal than seu....

August 22, 2018

Ola, Im just wondering how long you think it will take me to learn portuguese if I start now jaja

August 23, 2018

Ola! Tudo Bem? I am 3 months into studying Portuguese and I think that I should learn grammar first and then study 1000s of vocabulary words and then sentences. Is this a good approach?

October 2, 2018
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