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  5. "noy 'e'mamnalma'."

"noy 'e'mamnalma'."

Translation:Our aunt is famous.

August 20, 2018



The klingon sentence is noy 'e'mamnalma'.

I answered our paternal uncle's wife is famous, which was rejected. I think it is right. Yes, it would be easier to just say aunt and know it would be accepted but that would not help me learn the family relationships. I go out of my way to put the long version that includes exactly who she is in the family tree so that I can practice it. Just "aunt" is not good enough in terms of making sure I can clearly picture who exactly this person is in Klingon.

I think I got it right. Please accept the sentence. If I was wrong, please explain to me.


I've added a number of alternative translations, including yours.


Thank you for your hard work.

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