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  5. "Kamu tidak berkembang."

"Kamu tidak berkembang."

Translation:You are not making progress.

August 20, 2018



well thanks for the reminder


Encouraging, especially when I get it wrong


Off topic, but does anyone else feel like they aren't progressing in the Ber--Verbs skill because there are too many similar sounding words all at once?

I'm on 3 and a half crowns for this skill, and yet I still have a huge list of words I don't know from it:

berangkat, bertemu, berubah, bersaing, berlaku, berkumpul, berkembang, berkunjung, berpikir, berasal, bersama, bergerak, berharap, bermain, berdiri, berada

I'm trying to pick individual words to practice and just keep making sentences with it until it sticks and gradually grind away at this skill until I get it.

If any Duolingo developers read this, I really think this should be separated into several skills.


Agree 100%. Im just hoping that these are reinforced at a slower pace in later lessons and that this is a basic introduction


"Berkembang" should also accept "Developing" as a translation.


My native Indonesian speaking friend thinks this is a weird thing to say. Suggests this is much better: "Kamu tidak ada kemajuan"


The present tense trick fails here. You do not make progress was rejected.


What would you may not progress be?

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