"Kamu tidak berkembang."

Translation:You are not making progress.

August 20, 2018

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well thanks for the reminder


Encouraging, especially when I get it wrong


Off topic, but does anyone else feel like they aren't progressing in the Ber--Verbs skill because there are too many similar sounding words all at once?

I'm on 3 and a half crowns for this skill, and yet I still have a huge list of words I don't know from it:

berangkat, bertemu, berubah, bersaing, berlaku, berkumpul, berkembang, berkunjung, berpikir, berasal, bersama, bergerak, berharap, bermain, berdiri, berada

I'm trying to pick individual words to practice and just keep making sentences with it until it sticks and gradually grind away at this skill until I get it.

If any Duolingo developers read this, I really think this should be separated into several skills.


Agree 100%. Im just hoping that these are reinforced at a slower pace in later lessons and that this is a basic introduction


It took me quite a while and many failed attempts to get it also. Keep at it and it will happen. Some groups of lessons seem much easier to learn than others.... it's just the way it is. Don't be discouraged. Keep at it....


Yes, hard agree. This is a very difficult and inefficient way to learn (and remember!) new words.


"Berkembang" should also accept "Developing" as a translation.


My native Indonesian speaking friend thinks this is a weird thing to say. Suggests this is much better: "Kamu tidak ada kemajuan"


The present tense trick fails here. You do not make progress was rejected.


Another way to say this in English is "you are not progressing"


What would you may not progress be?


Is Duolingo tryna tell me something? ):

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