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"Dia merebus dagingnya sehingga menjadi lembut."

Translation:She boils the meat so that it becomes tender.

August 21, 2018



What does the suffix -nya mean? I had taken it to mean his, her, or its, but for the last several lessons, I have been marked incorrect every time I use that translation.


The suffix -nya can also function as a definite article. It can be used to refer to something already known or understood from context. In English you use 'the', and in Indonesian you could translate it to '-nya'.


Thank you. These sentences now make a great deal more sense to me.


Like she does not boil her actual flesh? :p


Why using the? She boils meat should be good too.


"She buys meat" but while she boils it it is already known (we bought it and brought it to home already, so for us it is already specific piece of meat) so "She boils that meat".

I see your point but in the context or real talk you would usually use "that/the" when you already boil it


What's the difference between 'so that' and just use 'so'??


Why is 'soft' wrong? Lembut means 'soft' as well as tender


She is boiling the meat so that it becomes tender. She is boiling the meat to tenderise it.

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