"Saya membaca koran ini."

Translation:I read this newspaper.

August 21, 2018

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This word "koran" apparently comes from the Dutch word "krant"



From Dutch krant, courant, from French courant (“current”).

So, yes, it comes from Dutch, and the Dutch comes from French "courant" (meaning common/current), from French verb courir (to run, to be current).

So, it's a cognate with the English current, that also comes from the French "courant".

It's easy to see why "courant" with the meaning of current/common was borrowed from French to mean "newspaper".



I would love to know why I got this wrong. I translated, "Saya membaca koron ini", into English as, "I read that newspaper". I chose to translate 'ini' as 'that' and the vocabulary says you can.

Duolingo said I was wrong because I used the wrong word and underlined as wrong 'ewsp' in the middle of newspaper.

I suspect Duolingo got it wrong not me.


ini = this ==> koran ini = this newspaper.
itu = that ==> koran itu =that newspaper.


This = Ini A word which is used to express or explain a thing that near you or absolutely front of you. Example: 1. "this thing" as "benda ini" 2. " I love this necklace" as " saya suka kalung ini" You can see that "ini" word is as a "this" word in english. Meanwhile for : That = itu That word use to explain a thing which is not close enough to you then u need to show it position. Example: 1. "That thing" as "benda itu" 2. "I want that car" as "saya mau mobil itu" That all are the examples and words translation, there is a truely differences between "ini" and "itu" as a "this" and "that". Please, you need to recheck your dictionary

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    How to say " koran" (muslim holy book) in indonesian, lol


    Koran= Newspaper Qur'an= Al Qur'an (Muslim book) do you understand? That's different okay?


    Since this course barfs out non-idiomatic nonsense like "good evening please", I cant be sure whether here we're talking about whether you habitually read it or are currently doing so.


    Kenapa dari Inggris ke Indonesia "i read the newspaper" sedangkan dari Indonesia ke Inggris "i read this newspaper"



    I can t spell♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Can it be "I have read this newspaper"?


    Can it be "I have read this newspaper"?

    "I have read the newspaper" indicates that the action has already finished.
    I would use the word "sudah" (already) to translate that English sentence into Indonesian.
    It would be something like this :
    "Saya sudah membaca koran ini".


    How do you tell the difference between present tense and past tense or is it inferred? I am reading this book or i (have) read this book.


    past tense : there is "sudah" (have) before the verb. Eg : Saya sudah membaca buku itu (I have read the book)

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