"Mengapa buku ini tidak dirilis oleh mereka?"

Translation:Why is this book not released by them?

August 21, 2018



I think this needs to be "Why was," not "why is." Or: "Why has the book not been released by them?" (Because "released" must have already happened, whether active or passive, asking why such a thing "is," in the present, doesn't work.)

August 21, 2018


Does the word “released” have the meaning “published” here?

September 1, 2018


Does the word “released” have the meaning “published” here?

In this sentence, I think that's a very good alternative to the literal translation 'released'.


KBBI definition :

rilis/ri·lis/ v, merilis/me·ri·lis/ v 1 .......... 2 mengeluarkan (menerbitkan, mengadakan) buku, film, album lagu, dan sebagainya

Translated definition :
'to bring out', 'to publish', 'to make available', books, films, song albums, etc...

September 1, 2018
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