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"Pekerjaan ini dimulai oleh mereka."

Translation:This job was started by them.

August 21, 2018



Why isn't "This business was started by them' correct? Business is one of the options given, and makes a much better-sounding sentence in English. Any suggestions appreciated.


I agree, it borders on not making sense in this current form. Report it and make the suggestion as will I!


How do I report it now though? I don't know which lesson it was.


Why? because /pekerjaan/ doesn't mean 'business'. It means 'job', 'work', or 'occupation'. If one wanted to say 'business' more specifically, one would use the loan-word /bisnis/ or /perusahan/ if you're talking about the group entity that does the business or /usaha/ if you are referring to the specific primary activity of the business itself in the abstract.


Again, outside of something like narrating a film or technical instructions, this sentence would work better with was rather than is.


Active voice: "They started this job".


Work not accepted although it's suggested for perkajaan


can pekerjaan be used as a noun in the sense of "a construction job " ? this sentence would then make sense......

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