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  5. "Mereka makan."

"Mereka makan."

Translation:They eat.

August 21, 2018



Why not "They are eating"? "eating" is one of the solutions, according to the drop-down menu


They are eating can be both translated into:

"Mereka makan"


"Mereka sedang makan"

The word "sedang" is actually optional. Remember, Indonesian is a flexible language with no tenses. To describe past, future and continuous tenses, we just add descriptive words without changing the base words and or add grammatical rules.

I ate - Saya makan

I was eating - Saya makan

I eat - Saya makan

I am eating -Saya (sedang) makan

I will eat - Saya akan makan

I will be eating - Saya akan makan


[deactivated user]

    That's why they believe Indonesian are sweet, as well as their flexible language. :)


    So "they are eating" should be accepted too..? This is a genuine question by the way (^^;


    If we you wanna use continuous tense, you should put word "sedang" before the verb.


    According to Wiktionary and as confirmed by this question's audio, the word "mereka" seems to have two different E sounds. Here is the IPA provided on Wiktionary:


    Does the letter 'e' often have different sounds in Indonesian, or is this a special case?

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